Monday, March 20 2017 
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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas - Market Center 


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Tuesday, March 21 2017 

Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks



Optimising Asset Management In Order To Lower Costs And Extend Lifetime

  • Identifying areas for cost improvements at different project stages

  • Create understanding of a common industry reporting tool for failure rates

  • How can you ensure maximum on-site efficiency, time and energy availability and take control of your CAPEX?

  • The “Human Factor”: defining realistic expectations of your on-site team’s capabilities including health & safety, workforce competency and technology knowledge

  • Correctly identifying key performance warnings and improvement opportunities

  • Encouraging appropriate resource allocation

Scott Abramson, Director of Operational Excellence, Duke Energy

Gerrud Wallaert, Vice President - Regional Operations, E.ON

1-2-1 Meetings

VIP delegates meet with suppliers of their choice to investigate which solutions will assist them in meeting their cost and production targets.


Morning Break and Networking



To What Extent Can A Standardised O&M Approach Benefit Your Portfolio?  

  • Outlining how standardised O&M strategies can help streamline processes and ensure team efficiency

  • Assessing how standardised approaches can minimise un-necessary expenditure and enhance your ROI

  • What are the limitations of a standardised O&M approach, and when is flexibility a better option for your fleet?

Troy Ryan, Eastern Regional Manager, Leeward Energy 

1-2-1 Meetings


Networking Lunch


Lowering Costs And Enhance Your Wind Farm Life Expectancy Through Better Data Access And Sharing Practices

  • Understanding the value of benchmarking and data exchange to also assess and compare the level of service and cost of key maintenance providers

  • When data meets security: how to become compliant whilst ensuring maximum use of data without security breaches

  • Identifying the ROI in investing in big data

  • What makes is so hard to share data and how can this be overcome on a high decision level?

Scott Abramson, Director of Operational Excellence, Duke Energy


1-2-1 Meetings


Afternoon Break and Networking


1-2-1 Meetings



Transition Out Of Warranty And OEM’s Commitment

  • What are the challenges faced by small and medium owner operators who cannot fully rely on in-house maintenance strategy?

  • Asset transparency: How can the lock in of long-term service revenue by OEMs be effectively challenged, to ensure full disclosure?

  • Understand how best to improve the performance engineering of your most critical assets whether you are a large, medium or small owner

  • How is the ISP market adapting and keeping up with a fiercely competitive O&M market? And, what does this represent for your assets?

  • Understand what OEMs are doing to increase trust and ROI from maintaining status quo agreements as warranty expires

  • Learn how OEMs will increase spare part/component availability

Troy Ryan, Eastern Regional Manager, Leeward Energy

Tracy Jarvis, General Manager, AES 


Chair’s Closing Remarks 


End Of WindConnect 2016