Pre-Forum Workshop: 18 April 2016


The Bankability Of Projects In Sites Affected By Cold Climates

This half-day workshop will be looking at project potential in sites affected by cold climates and, therefore, prove its bankability to investors. This is the perfect occasion for a focussed discussion in a friendly and relaxed environment.

13.00 Registration

Workshop Leader's Opening Remarks And Group Introductions

The Latest Advancements On Ice Modelling

Tools To Predict Loss Due To Icing And Impact On Wind Speed

Performance Of Ice Sensors And Remote Sensing Devices In Cold Climates And Effectiveness In Enhancing AEP

15:15 Networking Break

How To Use Icing Technology To Avoid Ice Accretion On Blades

Understanding What Investors Perceive As Risks To Counteract Objections And Prove Project Reliability

Workshop Leader's Summation

17:00 End Of Workshop

Hosted by:

Mark Zagar, Meteorologist, Vestas 

Neil Davis, Research Assistant, DTU