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FloatMast® Ltd provides a stable Tension Leg Platform to the Offshore Wind Industry capable of bearing both a Met Mast and a Lidar at a fraction of the cost of fixed Met Masts. This platform technology, proven by the Oil & Gas industry, has been developed by a consortium of Naval, Marine, Hydro Engineering and Shipping companies, that formed FloatMast® Ltd. The wind measurements are reliable, cost effective and can be acquired at any depth and distance from the shore. By the use of the onshore methodology of combined Met Mast and Lidar measurements, IEC/MEASNET compliancy and Wind Turbine power curve verification and data assessment are now available for the open seas in a cost effective way. 


ECN is the Netherlands flagship R&D and services centre for sustainable energy technologies. In the field of wind energy, ECN is a true pioneer and technical authority. It’s internationally leading position has been built up through 40 years of dedicated investment and experience. At ECN, in-depth knowledge of the whole wind power plant system is combined with world leading full scale test facilities and accredited measurement experts.

Today, ECN wind energy’s core mission is to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy. This is achieved by applying innovative solutions in the industry and driving ground breaking R&D forward. ECN supports companies at the design, implementation and operational level. A broad and deep knowledge of the total wind power plant resource and system allows ECN to offer clients a unique combination of cutting edge and immediately applicable solutions.


SgurrEnergy provides a range of wind monitoring services, including met masts and remote sensing technology, to assess the wind energy potential at prospective sites, civil and geotechnical engineering, electrical engineering and acts as technical advisor at any stage of your onshore wind project. In addition, SgurrEnergy is one of a small number of internationally recognised advisors delivering due diligence services to banks and finance houses investing in onshore wind projects.

Romo Wind


ROMO Wind is the exclusive provider of the unique iSpin system, a revolutionary approach to wind measurement.

The iSpin spinner anemometer measures the wind where it makes sense: in front of the rotor at the spinner, where the wind first hits the turbine.
Our goal is to provide you with better insights for full wind turbine performance to prevent loss of productivity and to lower turbine loads by measuring all significant wind parameters.

Higher yield- iSpin identifies and helps you to adjust previously undetected yaw misalignment increasing the productivity of your wind turbine (average to date- nearly 2% improvement).

Performance monitoring- verify the efficiency of your turbines by monitoring the power curve, accurately and precisely. iSpin detects when acute and chronic influences are impacting performance.

Lower loads- increase the life of your turbine by reducing loads. Profit from shorter downtime and lower maintenance costs by correcting yaw misalignment and adapting for turbulence and flow inclination findings.





DNV GL delivers world-renowned testing and advisory services to the energy value chain including renewables and energy efficiency. Our expertise spans onshore and offshore wind power, solar, conventional generation, transmission and distribution, smart grids, and sustainable energy use, as well as energy markets and regulations. Our 2,500 energy experts support clients around the globe in delivering a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply.

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“Selection of high-competence speakers and well-sorted range of topics. Useful.”

Sales Manager, Windar Photonics 

“An excellent opportunity to mix up networking and the state of the art in wind energy”

Project Engineer, Casa dos Ventos Energias Renovaveis

“Excellent workshop. A great day of very detailed content that has provided a very solid picture of the state of the art regarding CFD in wind resource assessment”

Onshore CFD Analyst, SSE