Wind Farm Monitoring And Control Conference 2014

Wednesday 4 june

Wednesday 4 June

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Chair's Opening Remarks

Karl Merz, Engineer,  Sintef


Widening Wind Farm Control To Optimise Overall Performance

  • The Iberwind portfolio and future plans
  • Iberwind's internally developed SCADA system

  • Integrating machine monitoring information into standard SCADA systems
  • Wind Farm power and voltage output control
  • Performing reliability analysis
Rui Maia, Operations and Maintenance Manager,  Iberwind

Achieving Widened Wind Farm Control In Offshore Situations

  • Building a monitoring tool for more accurate offshore supervision
  • Collecting offshore turbine data from multiple OEM products
  • How best to amalgamate multiple data sets for control room supervision
  • Assessing the balance between operational returns from assets and long term maintenance strategy

Eric Antoons, COO Power Production, Parkwind NV

Networking Break And Morning Refreshments


Tapping Into The Full Potential Of Your Wind Farm

  • Yaw misalignments and the general poor assessment of wind turbine performance because of the nacelle anemometer

  • iSpin technology

  • ROMO Wind products and services

Brian Soerensen, Managing Director,   Romo Wind A/S


Rating Turbines For Optimal Power Output

  • From wind turbine control to wind farm operation

  • Active wake control solution

  • Wind farm power increase and load reduction

Francesco Grasso, Research Scientist,  Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)

Networking Lunch


Remote Monitoring For Better Turbine Health

  • Remote monitoring to boost yield and reduce cost
  • Maintenance optimisations and the role of remote monitoring
  • Integrating remote monitoring into O&M strategy
Sally Shenton, Director,  Generating Better Ltd.


Condition Monitoring Algorithms For Improved Turbine Use

  • What can state of the art technology in condition monitoring currently achieve?
  • How to overcome challenges to the improvement of remote monitoring
  • The future path of condition monitoring

Dr. Chris Crabtree, Lecturer,  University of Durham

Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


The OWA FLIDAR Experience Of Wind Measurement

  • The FLIDAR roadmap to viable commercial deployment
  • Validation campaign for effective operation in offshore environments
  • Efficacy of FLIDAR in primary wind data collection
Breanne Gellatly, Associate Director,  The Carbon Trust

Turbine Mounted Lidar For Performance Measurement, Optimisation And Control

  • Applications of turbine mounted lidar: turbine performance measurement, turbine performance optimisation and turbine control

  • On-turbine lidar mounting options: nacelle mounting, spinner mounting and blade mounting

  • A digression – floating lidars

  • The outlook for turbine lidar

Dr Chris Slinger, Scientist, Zephir Lidar

Chair's Closing Remarks 


Close Of Day 1

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