PRE-FORUM WORKSHOP: Tuesday 17 October 2017



Registration And Refreshments


Fatigue Load Assessment Of Support Structures using Operational Measurements

  • Structural measurements provide valuable information about operational behaviour
  • How can measured data be used to verify/update design fatigue lives?
  • What is required for a comprehensive representation of structural fatigue loading?
  • Case study example demonstrates significant benefit can be achieved

Gabriel Marsh, Structural Analyst, Uniper Technologies


Online Wind Farm Analytics – Using Digital Twins To Monitor Asset Condition And Integrity To Predict Failures

Michael Wilkinson,  Head Of Section, Asset Integrity & Performance, DNV GL – Energy


Afternoon Refreshments And Networking Opportunity 


How To Achieve Over 2 % Increase In Production Due To 24/7 Operations Monitoring

  • One-year case study with a total of 1,046 wind turbines in 7 European countries

  • Effects of complete remote monitoring 24/7 compared to 9 hour-monitoring on weekdays only

  • Verifiable increases of 10,000 euros per year a turbine on average

Ulrike Lie ß , Key Account Manager, ENERTRAG Windstrom GmbH


Strategy Working Groups

The room will be split into two groups to discuss and work on the topics below. This is an opportunity to share ideas and challenge those of your peers so please come prepared to get the most from your experience.

A. Maintaining A Healthy And Optimised Portfolio

  • Where is the best place to start in finding what to optimise to begin increase your portolio yields?
  • Managing data and how to take data driven positions?
  • The need for creating a global optimum of standards on health and production levels of the wind park
  • How does asset management varies by company, type of portfolio, and location of farm
  • Optimising your maintenance contracts for greater efficiency
  • How to decide on upgrades: does it enhance safety, minimize risk and remain cost effective?

B. Full Scale Fleet Monitoring

  • What is the return on investment in monitoring software?
  • Combining monitored data with weather stats, vibration, scada and oil analysis for a greater overall picture

  • Collating all monitoring information in one place to compare one set of calculations on one turbine or wind farms from another?

  • Using availability computing and reporting to adjust your operations

  • Is it possible to get OEM’s to report on how the wind farms are performing in relation to their expected output?


Working Group Feedback

A chance for each of the group leaders to feedback their findings to the rest of the room and a chance for some open discussion


Workshop And Day End