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Day 1 - Wednesday March 21, 2018

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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jorge Villalobos, General Manager Operations, Shell Wind Energy

Increase Your Asset Opportunities Through Advanced Data Interpretation Strategies


Panel Discussion: Why Do Asset Management And Data Go Hand In Hand?

This panel will aim to clarify how data should be used to better understand how assets perform, determine the best strategies to capture energy and influence contractual obligations from service providers. The panel will consider thoughtful and provocative questions around how turbines should really perform and discuss what approaches are still not quite up to scratch. We will then delve into life extension opportunities through a smart use of data based on due diligence support and advanced control techniques.

Chad Ringley, Director - Asset Performance, Pattern Energy

Ricardo Quan, Control Centre Manager, Terra Energia

Amir Zohar,  Director Of Monitoring Centre, Suzlon 

Moderator:   Jorge Villalobos,   General Manager Operations,  Shell Wind Energy


Let’s Discuss Data Access And Liability In Contracts

  • Dealing with maintenance contracts over the lifetime of a wind farm
  • How to decide on upgrades: does it enhance safety, minimize risk and remain cost effective and what does it mean for contract negotiations?
  • Debate the future of contract incentives; ‘availability’ vs. ‘yield’
  • Using your data to make a case for more accurately determining and defining service scope, guarantees and backstops
  • Adapting access and contract requirements over the lifetime of a wind farm

Networking Break And Morning Refreshments

Automation, Artificial Intelligence And Cyber Security


How Can Automation And Artificial Intelligence Benefit Your Wind Farm?

Senior Representative, TechnoCentre éolien


Bridging The Gap Between Cyber Security And Operational Excellence

  • How vulnerable is your wind system and how does this have an impact on investment decisions from key stakeholders?
  • De-risking your assets by smartly learning how to use critical cyber security data at your advantage
  • Discuss how to leverage essential security controls to improve overall plant operations and improve system return-on-investment

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Networking Lunch


Time To Huddle! 

Two hours and four roundtable topics to choose from. You pick your favorite and after 30 minutes you rotate.

Data Standardization, Access And Sharing

Dr. Jan Helsen, Visiting Scholar, MIT

Turbine Behavior And Issue Resolution

Dr. Carsten Hein Westergaard, Senior Adviser, Sandia National Laboratories

Prognostics And Artificial Intelligence

Automation And Digitization


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Chair's Closing Remarks


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