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Day 1 - Tuesday March 20, 2018

Registration And Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jorge Villalobos, General Manager Operations, Shell Wind Energy

Mitigating Investment Risks


Addressing Investment Concerns And How To Best Mitigate Risks Through Quality Data

  • Looking at the past to predict the future through forecasting tools
  • The owner operator’s role in providing quality data for long-term informed decisions
  • The need for investors to have reporting standards in place to avoid misinterpretation

The Role Of Data In Supporting Investment Decisions

  • Overcoming the challenges of gathering data from the same wind farms over the years
  • How to minimize manual input on blade sensors in order to avoid data become corrupted
  • Having an experience team to filter the data
  • Using past data and precise predictions to back up future investments

Networking Break And Morning Refreshments

O&M Optimization Through A Smart Use Of Data


Challenge The Expert

A fake scenario. A real expert. How is he going to disentangle himself from the intricacies of data interpretation? He thinks his strategy is the best approach. Will you agree? Follow his thinking and challenge him in order to achieve, together, the best scenario outcome.


Getting Into An Owner Operator’s Head: What’s Important To Us?

  • How are we using historical and real time maintenance data to optimize performance?
  • Looking at O&M maintenance results for appropriate changes in schedules
  • How is artificial intelligence used to form prognostics?
  • Insights into how condition monitoring and vibration control are applied from an end user’s perspective
  • How do I access the data?
  • Balancing out short term and long term goals
  • Including data in contracts: what are our expectations?
  • Unlocking new efficiencies through smart digital inspections recording

Phillip Gauthier, Lead Fleet Engineer, EDF


When Blades Get Cold: Understanding Turbine Performance In Icy Conditions


Networking Lunch

Performance Optimization And Reporting


How To Best Compile Information To Lead Effective Changes In Your Assets

  • The challenge of multiple invoices and separate pieces of information
  • How to compile this information into a package that you can immediately understand
  • Taking the next step: from collecting information to leading change

How To Improve Energy Output By Looking At Wind Misalignment Performance

  • Why should you look at yaw and pitch alignment for performance optimization?
  • Going back to manufacturing: improving reliability and performance of pitch and yaw bearings
  • How automation and alignment controls can better harness production from optimum weather windows

Erick Lima, Project Engineer, Casa Dos Ventos


Adaptive Prediction Of Wind Farm Outputs

  • How to track the change in “wind-to-power” relationship

  • Improving predictions of wind power generation

  • Integrative uncertainty quantification in predicting wind speeds and “wind-to-power” relationship

  • Balancing between underestimation and overestimation through probabilistic prediction

Eunshin Byon, Associate Professor - Industrial And Operations Engineering Department, University Of Michigan


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


Optimal Personnel Deployment Strategy For Self-Perform Maintenance On Wind Farms

  • Creating an online platform with several user profiles to meet different needs
  • Who should have access to what? Let your blade talk: how to forecast failure and performance degradation through better measurement tools and analysis
  • Successfully integrate multiple data and SCADA systems
  • How are owners managing data analysis to unlock key turbine performance insights?
  • Leveraging multiple data sources into a central asset management monitoring and control system to provide better portfolio visibility
  • OEMs report on how the wind farms are performing in relation to their expected output
  • What standards are being imposed in this area?

Jason Lawley, Master Of Science - Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University 


Using Condition Monitoring To Generate Revenue And Lower O&M Costs

  • Making the business case for installing cms systems as a retrofit solution
  • How to generate revenue through condition monitoring
  • Recognizing long term ROI and impact on Capex

David Korim, Asset Performance Manager, GE Renewable Energy 


Catch The Ball: Design The Perfect Data Interpretation Approach

This session has been designed for audience participation and knowledge sharing with no excuses! Instead of slowly passing around a stick microphone, simply throw the soft ball to the first person in the room who meets your eyes.

Delegates are encouraged to come along with ideas, comments and provocative questions for their peers. This is a self-moderated session so there won’t be such thing as hiding in corners!


Speed Networking

Delegates are prompted to meet others in brief 3-4 minute rounds. The moderator will be keeping track of time and announcing participants when to switch partners.Make sure you bring lots of business cards along with you!


Chair's Closing Remarks


End Of Day 1

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