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Why this conference?

Data and intelligence are what drive the value of a wind farm. Performance, efficiency and costs can all be tweaked and optimised with the right information.

At the Wind Data Forum, you can join anaylsts, specialists and O&M managers as we extract exactly what we need from the vast data we have access to. We'll explore how looking at the right data and interpreting it correctly can help us reduce downtime, plan for maintenance and accurately forecast costs. You'll achieve greater efficiency and increased performance - for yourself and your wind farm.

What will be covered in 2018?

  • Which data is most valuable to collect and what we should be looking to get from it.
  • How every phase of a wind farm has a domino effect on the next , and how the data you work on day-to-day affects the line.
  • How to interpret data using reports and identifying how and when to act upon it.
  • Why confidence in your data means you can manage investment and investor expectations better and how to get there.
  • The concerns around data-sharing between OEMs and their clients, why there are restrictions and how to work better together.


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Previous Attendees Say:

"Outstanding Conference! You Managed to bring a lot of owner/ operators both big and small to the table, which led to us making a lot of really great contacts. Bachman electronic will definitely be back and we're looking forward to what next year presents." - Bachmann Electronic

"Not often you get all the right people in one room!" - Vestas

"Great opportunity to learn best practice from technical experts." - TransAlta

"A great opportunity for exchanging experiences and knowledge, from all the players in the industry." - CGI

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