Pre-Forum Workshop - Tuesday 9 October 2018

Blade Masterclass: Optimising Blade Design, Performance and Monitoring

Masterclass led by Dr Carsten Westergaard


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Understanding Blade Design and its Effect on Functionality

  • Examine systemic design issues to understand how to effectively overcome them

  • Discussing whether common blade damage issues should be tested at manufacture phase
  • Understanding how operational damages and obstacles influence blade design

Jan Peters, Director Business Development Service, LM Wind Power


Networking Break


A hands-on lesson in Power performance and Aerodynamics

  • Understanding aerodynamic design principles to determine the impact on power curve and AEP

  • Understanding aerodynamic modifications such as vortex generators and leading-edge erosion
  • Hands-on training with spread sheet level tool to evaluate AEP impact of modifications and degradation
  • Hands-on/demo of open source software tool which can be used to compute power curves with and without modifications

Carsten Westergaard, President, Westergaard Solutions Inc.


Networking Break


Understanding Lifespan of Blades, monitoring and inspection methods

  • Inspection methods

  • Root cause analysis (RCA)

  • Data that improve blade operations and decision making

Matt Malkin, Blade Technology, DNV-GL


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