Blade Operations And Maintenance Forum

Bladena are experts in root cause analysis of blades and have specialized knowledge on structural blade failure and knows how to avoid failures on blades. We provide structural enhancement technologies, we provide for lighter and stronger blades with higher durability. Bladena's technologies are available as a toolbox that address the root causes of individual problem areas in the blade design and manufacturing. They are flexible in their design and each manufacturer may develop their preferred way of implementation to accommodate individual requirements.

Cornis is the leading technology provider for blade O&M management and inspection tools. We support OEMs, utilities, ISPs or UAB companies whenever they need a unique solution to follow wind turbine blades along their life cycle.
Our main technologies include but are not limited to:

  • Panoblade for external blade inspections
  • Intrablade for internal blade inspections 
  • Blade manager, our online web-based platform helps you assess your blades online, share results in a collaborative way and ultimately, take concrete O&M decisions

By the end of 2016, 2600 turbines were inspected using Cornis technologies. We are active in 20 countries worldwide.

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Bladefence is a specialist for wind turbine blade condition analysis, repairs and maintenance. The company utilises advanced skylift equipment and UV-curing blade repair method in its operations. In combination, these enable operations in harsh weather conditions, cutting-edge efficiency and minimise turbine downtime. The company was certified by Germanischer Lloyd for blade repairs in 2012 as the first company in the Nordic countries. The company offers services throughout Europe.

EdgeData equips enterprises to profit from Big Data intelligence.

Our products and services capture data, compute it using proprietary algorithms, and allow you to consume it as actionable information that gives your business an advantage.

EdgeData is advancing the wind industry with BladeEdge?, a software portal that transforms raw data from blade-condition assessments and wind farm management systems into actionable intelligence. Utilizing aerial inspections, BladeEdge? enables you to extend blade life, enhance turbine performance and prevent condition-related revenue loss.

BladeEdge? was developed in partnership with blade manufacturing leader LM Wind Power, with facilities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Wind Access Engineering is dedicated to providing the best suspended access solutions for the wind energy industry.

As a full-service access solutions provider, Wind Access Engineering provides sales, training, and rental programs. Wind Access Engineering also has a full repair and maintenance facility to service suspended access systems and equipment.

EDF Renewable Services (EDF RS) is the leading third-party provider of operations and maintenance services in North America. With over 30 years of experience and 10 GW under contract we are the trusted leader in O&M. Our full range of services begins prior to commissioning and goes through decommissioning. Our maintenance plans include scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, 24/7/365 remote monitoring, asset management, supply chain services, performance reporting and engineering support, among others.

We have developed a robust lifetime blade maintenance program. This program includes multiple blade inspection levels depending on site needs. Based on the inspection findings we will work with the owner to develop a plan to repair blades. Once blades are repaired we add leading edge protection and Vortex Generators (VGs) to increase AEP 1.5-3%

Ensure the maximum lifetime for customer's blades through focusing on high levels of technical competence, innovation and flexibility to rapidly attend the most demanding blade repairs in the wind global market with safety, integrity and respect.

Wetzel Wind Energy Services

Wetzel Wind Energy Services is one of the leading independent providers of blade engineering services for both OEMs and O&M. The company has engineered dozens of wind turbine blades from 3 to 105 meters, including aerodynamics, structures, dynamics, and manufacturing process engineering, and certification and test support. The company has been a pioneer in many technologies, including carbon blades, torsion-bending coupling, and modular designs. O&M services include damage and failure inspection and root cause analysis, performance analysis, repair engineering and supervision, risk analysis and residual life estimation, life cycle cost analysis, and expert witness services.

What do attendees say? 

Senior Vice President

“It was a great get together of both technical and operational experts, a good blend of hands-on engineering and real world folks out there. For this event in particular, there was great open dialogue on the trends in repair, maintenance and inspection of blades.”

Eastern Regional Manager

"I’ve been actually encouraging our asset managers and people who don’t understand the wind business to go to your conferences because in 15 years that’s the most I’ve learned about blades, in 15 years of the wind industry."

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