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Blade design: Matt Malkin discusses

21 September 2018 | DNV-GL 

DNV-GL principal engineer Matt Malkin, tells us about his experience with blade design and how big blades will get on the market in the next few years.

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Westergaard Solutions Inc. President discusses blades

01 September 2018 | Westergaard Solutions Inc. 

Westergaard Solutions Inc. president Carsten Westergaard talks us through his experience with blade design and the biggest opportunties for blades. 

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What do attendees say? 

Senior Vice President

“It was a great get together of both technical and operational experts, a good blend of hands-on engineering and real world folks out there. For this event in particular, there was great open dialogue on the trends in repair, maintenance and inspection of blades.”

Eastern Regional Manager

"I’ve been actually encouraging our asset managers and people who don’t understand the wind business to go to your conferences because in 15 years that’s the most I’ve learned about blades, in 15 years of the wind industry."