Forum Day One - Wednesday 10 October 2018

Registration And Refreshments 


Chair's Opening Remarks 

Strategic Concerns in Wind Farm Development; Operations and Maintenance


Opening keynote: Benchmarking US Fleets Against other Global Wind Farms to Drive Strategic Growth

  • Identifying key cost drivers to determine optimal maintenance strategies for existing US wind farms
  • Maximising value of operational strategies by minimising risk and uncertainty in future projects and sites
  • Critical assessment of the existing market and identifying new geographies for wind farm development 

Panel Discussion: Assessing How to Prepare for an Ageing Fleet and Optimise Existing Assets

  • Maximising the yield and efficiency of online wind farms nearing the end of their life cycle
  • Reinvesting in existing infrastructure to extend lifecycle of your fleet
  • Expected growth and opportunity in repowering farms across the industry

Asset Life Optimisation - Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

  • Decreasing blade downtime to increase overall revenue and profit of your asset
  • Ensuring a return on investment through blade reparation and damage prevention
  • Understanding the role of data and how to utilise it within asset optimisation

Networking Break and Morning Refreshments 

Operational Concerns:


Optimising Functionality and Increasing Profitability through Blade Design

  • Discussing alternative materials, composites and new material mixes and the impact on energy output
  • Assessing the impact of poor blade efficiency on turbine power output
  • Ensuring blade design damage prevention to increase revenue

How to Extract and Interpret Data to Optimise Wind Farm Performance and Efficiency

  • Identifying the metrics to collect and analyse for performance 
  • How to report on wind farm performance vs expected output

  • Using historical and real-time maintenance data to optimise performance


Networking Lunch


Case Study: Using Data-led Insights to Optimise O&M Performance 

  • How to forecast failure and performance degradation through better measurement tools and analysis
  • Managing multiple data sources to analyse and unlock key turbine performance insights

  • Extending asset life span through predictive maintenance analytics


Breaking the Ice: Using Data Analysis to Optimise De-Icing Techniques

  • How to perform and qualify environmental analysis on- and off-site
  • Reducing costs of de-icing via data management without risking blade damage


Networking Break and Afternoon Refreshments


Roundtable Discussion

Delegates have a choice of five roundtables, focussed on discussing problems and solutions for:

  • Repowering
  • Digitalisation

  • State-by-state regulations - moving towards standardisation
  • Identifying and assessing new markets, new locations
  • Auctioning

Chair's Closing Remarks

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End Of Day 1 

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