Forum Day One - Wednesday 10 October 2018

Delegate Registration And Morning Refreshments 


Chairperson's Introduction

Strategic Concerns in Wind Farm Development; Operations and Maintenance


Opening keynote: Benchmarking US Fleets Against other Global Wind Farms to Drive Strategic Growth

  • Identifying key cost drivers to determine optimal maintenance strategies for existing US wind farms
  • Maximising value of operational strategies by minimising risk and uncertainty in future projects and sites
  • Critical assessment of the existing market and identifying new geographies for wind farm development 

Panel Discussion: Assessing How to Prepare for an Ageing Fleet and Optimise Existing Assets

  • Maximising the yield and efficiency of online wind farms nearing the end of their life cycle
  • Reinvesting in existing infrastructure to extend lifecycle of your fleet
  • Expected growth and opportunity in repowering farms across the industry

Ben Rice,  Senior Manager, Operations Engineering, Pattern Energy

Ville Karkkolainen, Director of Business Development, Bladefence

Kyle Wetzel, Wind Blade Consultant, Optima


Asset Life Optimisation - Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

  • Decreasing blade downtime to increase overall revenue and profit of your asset
  • Ensuring a return on investment through blade reparation and damage prevention
  • Understanding the role of data and how to utilise it within asset optimisation

Bret Anderson , Key Account Manager, 3M Renewable Solutions


Morning Break and Refreshments

Operational Concerns:


Optimising Functionality and Increasing Profitability through Blade Design

  • Discussing alternative materials, composites and new material mixes and the impact on energy output
  • Assessing the impact of poor blade efficiency on turbine power output
  • Ensuring blade design damage prevention to increase revenue

Josh Paquette, Blade Reliability Project Lead, Sandia National Laboratories


How to Extract and Interpret Data to Optimise Wind Farm Performance and Efficiency

  • Identifying the metrics to collect and analyse for performance 
  • How to report on wind farm performance vs expected output

  • Using historical and real-time maintenance data to optimise performance

Travis Clandenden, Product Quality Manager, Algonquin Power


Networking Lunch


Case Study: Using Data-led Insights to Optimise O&M Performance 

  • How to forecast failure and performance degradation through better measurement tools and analysis
  • Managing multiple data sources to analyse and unlock key turbine performance insights

  • Extending asset life span through predictive maintenance analytics

Chris Shroyer, President, BladeEdge


Breaking the Ice: Using Data Analysis to Optimise De-Icing Techniques

  • How to perform and qualify environmental analysis on- and off-site
  • Reducing costs of de-icing via data management without risking blade damage


Afternoon Break and Refreshments 


Roundtable Discussion

Delegates will have a choice of four roundtables to discuss some of the key issues of the day. Each table will address a specific problem relating to blades, and delegates will be invited to propose and discuss solutions over drinks. There will be an opportunity to rotate between each of the tables throughout the hour so all delegates can share in each of the discussions.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Repowering
  • Digitalisation

  • State-by-state regulations
  • Auctioning

End Of Day 1 

More information coming soon...