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Construction starts on a 'legacy for future generations'

Developer Lekela has broken ground on Senegal's first utility-scale wind farm, the 158.7MW Taiba N'Diaye project.

How MHI Vestas closed the gap on SGRE

WORLDWIDE: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) is not going to lose its grip as offshore market leader any time soon, but MHI Vestas is beginning to loosen the chokehold.

Rethinking the use of rare-earth elements

WORLDWIDE: As demand for rare-earth elements pushes up prices, Windpower Monthly looks at how the wind industry is applying the lessons learned from the last price hike in 2011.

Vestas receives first Brazilian order for V150

BRAZIL: Vestas will provide its V150-4.2MW model in Brazil for the first time, following an order for a 101MW wind farm in the north-eastern state of Rio Grande do Norte.

'Hybrid technology is a global solution', says Vestas

HAMBURG 2018: Hybrid solutions are a 'global solution' to balancing supply and demand, Vestas' vice president of product strategy, Thomas Korzeniewski, told Windpower TV.

WindEnergy Hamburg day three briefing

HAMBURG 2018: Day three of the WindEnergy Hamburg exhibition and WindEurope Global Wind Summit, which will discuss how the industry will operate in a merchant environment.

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