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Nine demands to rapidly scale up renewable hydrogen

The Renewable Hydrogen Coalition hammers out the vital policies needed for Europe to rapidly scale up its uptake in the race for renewable hydrogen

Vestas lands first EnVentus order in eastern Europe

Danish manufacturer signs order for DTEK's 126MW Tiligulska project in Ukraine, adding to the 660MW it has already installed in the country

First power at RWE’s largest offshore wind farm

Triton Knoll has delivered power to the UK grid for the first time – on schedule, despite challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic

Turbines of the Year 2020: Onshore turbines 4.5MW-plus

Western and Chinese OEMs concentrate much of their development work on this class, with medium-speed drivetrains an area to watch

Turbines of the Year 2020: Onshore turbines up to 4.4MW

The continuing trend for onshore turbines to grow in size and capacity is reflected in the extended threshold for this category, but the top two models somewhat broke the mould

Developers call on EU states to speed up permitting regimes

Complex permitting procedures can hold up wind farms for years and restrict technology choices. How can the process be improved?