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Wind turbines are the undisputed visual icons of the wind power industry. They are also at the heart of every wind farm’s operations and the most expensive element to both purchase and maintain. It is therefore with very good reason that this report focuses on wind turbines, outlining how they have evolved over the past decade and how they are likely to develop over the next.

Thanks to the wealth of detailed information available in the Windpower Intelligence database of wind farms, which is more than 23,000 records strong, this report includes tens of figures and tables illustrating trends, outlining market shares, displaying performance.

Author: Eize de Vries, David Milborrow, Iain Staffell, James Quilter  |  Published: April 2017  |  Pages: 113  |  Tables: 3  |  Figures: 68

Find out about

  • Principal developments
  • Turbine performance trends
  • Multiple factors affecting wind farm output

How will this intelligence benefit you?

  • Stay ahead of the competition by knowing where developments are headed
  • Pinpoint areas where your business needs to adapt to meet the changes
  • Plan for the future and invest with confidence

Who should buy this report?

  • Wind turbine manufacturers
  • Components and equipment providers
  • Wind maintenance and service companies
  • Utilities and wind developers seeking opportunities
  • Financial institutions assessing risk and opportunities
  • Consultancies specialising in wind energy

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Bigger is definitely better when it comes to wind turbines and their major components: turbine power ratings and rotor diameters have both grown dramatically over the past few years, and while there are some questions over the logistics of much heavier nacelles or longer blades, this trend looks set to continue.

This report contains technology developments, performance data, cost analysis and leading manufacturers’ market share information.

  • Understand principal developments
  • Gain insights into major component developments that have taken place at wind turbine, generator and drivetrain levels
  • Open a window on the complex and fascinating topic of wind turbine performance, straddling design considerations and weather patterns
  • Understand how multiple factors including wake effects, operations and maintenance regimes, turbine age and capacity factors affect wind farm output


This report presents an overview of trends for wind turbines and their markets — including turbine performance information, market share, technology developments and cost analysis — for onshore and offshore global wind markets. It also provides a forward look at the markets for the period 2017-2020.

Historical data on wind turbine performance is largely based on more than one million data points on the output of individual turbines as recorded in WindStats over 17 years. This analysis was made possible by Windpower Monthly’s cooperation with Imperial College London.

The majority of data in this report is drawn from the Windpower Intelligence (WPI) global database of wind farms, which comprises more than 23,200 records.