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Keep in touch with the latest news on the world's top wind turbine manufacturers, including Acciona, Alstom, Dongfang, Enercon, Gamesa, GE Energy, Goldwind, Nordex, Repower, Sinovel, Suzlon and Vestas.

Acciona AW-3000 wind turbineAcciona

Acciona is one of Spain's leading corporations, active in the construction, infrastructure and water sectors as well as renewable energy. It is a major wind farm developer as well as manufacturing turbines, with production plants in the US and Spain. Acciona wind turbine models include the AW-3000 with a rated capacity of 3MW, and the 1.5MW AW-1500.

Alstom Haliade 150 offshore wind turbineAlstom

Alstom is a global player in transport infrastructure, electrical grid technology and renewable energy.  Alstom's turbine models include the 2.7MW ECO 122, designed for low wind conditions, and the 6MW direct drive Alstom Haliade 150 offshore wind turbine.


Dongfang turbines at Helanshan wind farmDongfang

Controlled by the Chinese government, Dongfang Electric Corporation is active in more than 30 countries. It produces turbines with a rated capacity of 1MW, 1.5MW, 2MW and 2.5MW. In 2012 Dongfang announced a collaboration with AMSC to design and develop a 5.5MW offshore wind turbine.


Enercon E-126 7.5MW wind turbineEnercon

Founded in 1984 as a dedicated wind turbine manufacturer, Enercon now has more than 20,000 turbines installed around the world. Its utility-grade models include the E-82, with rated outputs ranging from 2MW to 3MW, the 2.5MW E-115 designed for light wind conditions, and the 7.5MW E-126, one of the largest of all turbines designed for onshore use.

Gamesa G128 5MW offshore wind turbineGamesa

Founded in Spain, Gamesa has wind turbine production plants in Spain, the USA, China, Brazil and India, and an installed turbine capacity of more than 18GW around the world. Gamesa's wind turbine models include a range of 2MW turbines with varying tower heights, the 4.5MW G128, and a 5MW offshore version of the G128.

GE 113 1.4MW offshore wind turbineGE Energy

GE Energy's 1.5MW series is the world's most widely-deployed wind turbine, with more than 16,000 installed around the globe. GE also produces a range of 2.5MW models and the GE 4.1-113 4.1MW direct drive wind turbine model designed for offshore use.


A Goldwind 1.5MW turbine at the Pipestone wind farm in MinnesotaGoldwind

Goldwind is China's second largest wind turbine manufacturer. It also claims to be the world's leading manufacturer of permanent magnet direct drive turbines. Goldwind produces 1.5MW and 2.5MW wind turbine models.


Mitsubishi MWT92 wind turbineMitsubishi

Mitsubishi has been producing wind turbines since 1984, with current models ranging from the 1.2MW MWT62 through to the 2.4MW MWT 102, designed for optimal performance in moderate wind conditions.


Nordex N100 2.5MW wind turbineNordex

Germany's Nordex is one of the pioneers in wind turbine technology. It produced the first megawatt-size turbine, in 1995, with the N54 1MW model. Nordex now has more than 7.8GW of turbines installed worldwide. Currentmodels include the 2.4MW N117

RREpower 6m 6.15MW offshore wind turbineREpower

REpower's best-selling wind turbine model is the 2MW MM92. Other models range from the 1.8MW MM100, designed for low wind conditions, through to the 6.15MW 6M offshore turbine. The 6M is currently the largest wind turbine installed in open water.


Part of a Siemens SWT-3.0 turbine during transportationSiemens

Siemens is the market leader in offshore wind turbines. In fact, Siemens turbines have been running for more than 20 years at Vindeby, Denmark, the world's first offshore wind farm. Siemens models include the 2.3MW SWT-2.3 series, and the 3.6MW SWT-3.6. The company's largest model is the 6MW SWT-6-154, with a rotor diameter of more than 150m.

A Sinovel SL6000 wind turbine nacelleSinovel

Chinese manufacturer Sinovel's SL3000 3MW turbines power the Shanghai Donghai Bridge wind farm, the first offshore wind farm to have been built outside Europe. Sinovel's largest model is the 6MW SL6000 series currently undergoing testing in China.


Suzlon EnergySuzlon Energy

Headquartered in India, Suzlon Energy has more than 21.5GW of wind turbinesinstalled in 33 countries. It has production facilities in India, Portugal, Germany (through subsidiary REpower) and the USA. suzlon's turbines include the 2.1MW S95 and S97 models for low wind speed conditions.


Vestas V112 3MW wind turbineVestas Wind Systems

Vestas has been in the wind business since the 1970s and there are now more than 43,000 Vestas turbines installed in 66 countries. Models include the 3MW V126, designed for low wind conditions, and the widely-used V90, available in 1.8MW and 2MW versions for onshore use, and a 3MW offshore version.

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