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News & in-depth analysis of wind power and renewable energy markets, power purchase agreements, transmission networks, energy storage, substations, supply interruption and transmission failures.

Infigen buys Tesla battery

Infigen buys Tesla battery

AUSTRALIA: Developer Infigen will add a 25MW/52MWh lithium-ion battery to its 278.5MW Lake Bonney project in South Australia.

German grid expansion plan published

German grid expansion plan published

GERMANY: Economics minister Peter Altmaier has presented measures for expanding the grid to better integrate renewable energy sources.

Corporations driving renewables growth

Corporations driving renewables growth

WORLDWIDE: The role of corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) is driving the growth of renewables and even now affecting policy, according to a new report.

News and Analysis

Chinese province runs on renewables for 216 hours

CHINA: The Qinghai province in northwest China ran entirely on wind, solar and hydropower for a nine-day period at the end of June, Goldwind has claimed.

Blockchain facility to be powered by wind

MOROCCO: Soluna, a subsidiary of American private equity firm Brookstone Partners, is developing up to 900MW of wind energy near Dakhla, in the disputed territory of southern Morocco.

New Facebook wind power deal

UNITED STATES: Social media giant and prolific wind purchaser Facebook has agreed a new power deal with developer EDP Renewables for a project in Indiana.

Vineyard Wind secures levelised cost of $65/MWh

UNITED STATES: The 800MW Vineyard Wind project off the coast of Massachusetts will generate electricity for $65/MWh over the 20-year lifetime of the project, according to a letter recommending its approval.

Mercedes Benz signs Poland's first wind PPA

POLAND: Vehicle manufacturer Mercedes Benz will buy electricity generated at a 45MW project in Poland to power its manufacturing facility in Jawor in the south-west of the country.

In depth

A palliative, not a panacea -- the trouble with storage

WORLDWIDE: Storage is being heralded as the answer to many of the challenges to come with the transition towards electricity systems that use increasing amounts of variable renewable energy. But what benefits do these technologies really offer to justify their high costs?

Viewpoint: Knowledge helps operator respond to grid demands

WORLDWIDE: Wind farms are now being built to produce power on a gigawatt-scale, particularly offshore, putting them on a par with large fossil-fuel power stations.

Wind-to-battery aids Acciona integration commitment

SPAIN: Acciona Energy has added a battery storage facility to one of its wind farms, allowing it to further explore grid integration and the use of wind generation to provide reserve power from its central renewables control room.

Review of 2017 - part two

WORLDWIDE: The second half 2017 was difficult for many of the major OEMs with a drop off in the Indian market a key factor. Windpower Monthly takes a look at this trend and the other big stories from the second half of 2017.

Review of 2017 - part one

WORLDWIDE: The first six months of 2017 pick up where 2016 had left off with further activity in the mergers and acquisition field accompanied by significant job cuts. Windpower Monthly takes a look at the biggest stories in the first half of the year

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