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News & in-depth analysis of wind power and renewable energy markets, power purchase agreements, transmission networks, energy storage, substations, supply interruption and transmission failures.

Belgian high-voltage line completed

Belgian high-voltage line completed

BELGIUM: Transmission system operator (TSO) Elia has inaugurated the 47km, 380kV Stevin line that will transport energy produced by new offshore wind farms to the mainland's grid.

Blockchain platform launched to market local wind power

Blockchain platform launched to market local wind power

GERMANY: The west German city of Wuppertal's municipal-owned energy company has launched a blockchain-based trading platform, allowing customers to buy certified local wind and other renewables generated electricity.

WPD and EA Technology launch project to open up substation data

WPD and EA Technology launch project to open up substation data

UK: Local utility Western Power Distribution (WPD) is working on a project to access data from substations in a bid to help prepare low-voltage networks for more distributed generation and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

News and Analysis

Integrated storage could reduce EU curtailment by 78%

WORLDWIDE: Increasing digitalisation could reduce curtailment of wind farms and solar photovoltaic projects in the European Union by 78%, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

First blockchain pilot aims to reduce curtailment - update

GERMANY: Transmission operator Tennet has launched a blockchain pilot project to test flexible use of households' battery storage to reduce bottlenecks in Germany's electricity transmission network, which are currently triggering curtailment of wind generation.

Microsoft buys power from Vattenfall's Wieringermeer

NETHERLANDS: US technology giant Microsoft has signed a power purchase agreement with Vattenfall to buy all of the electricity from the first 180MW phase of its Wieringermeer site for ten years.

Tamil Nadu trades wind for profit

INDIA: Taking advantage of the highest recorded generation in August this year, the Tamil Nadu state utility, Tangedco, traded excess wind power through spot sales on the power exchange.

Danish group developing in-tower battery solution

DENMARK: A group of control system specialists, manufacturers, engineers and researchers are teaming up to develop a modular battery storage solution integrated into individual turbine towers.

In depth

'Argentina is now sexy'

ARGENTINA: The country may be a latecomer to the Latin American wind boom, but ambitious targets and radical economic reforms mean this is the perfect time to grab a slice of the pie.

How the UK aims to avoid the EV grid crash

UK: Managing the charging of electric cars as a flexible load will reduce stress on the electricity grid and could encourage more investment in renewable energy generation.

Viewpoint: Wind should learn from solar PV on storage

WORLDWIDE: Battery-storage technology has very high public visibility at present for several reasons.

Cheap power, brutal competition

UNITED STATES: With low gas prices pushing down wholesale prices, developers are finding utilities are keener to buy wind farms than the power they generate.

Lithium boom puts spotlight on Chile

CHILE: As growing interest in electric cars and energy-storage drives up global demand for lithium, companies with concessions to exploit Chile's vast resources could find themselves in an enviable position if the government loosens restrictions.

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