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News & in-depth analysis of wind power and renewable energy markets, power purchase agreements, transmission networks, energy storage, substations, supply interruption and transmission failures.

Andhra Pradesh launches new wind-solar-storage tender

Andhra Pradesh launches new wind-solar-storage tender

Two power distribution companies in Andhra Pradesh have launched a tender for 600MW of wind-solar hybrid projects with energy storage.

First US wind-solar-storage site unveiled

First US wind-solar-storage site unveiled

US developer NextEra and utility Portland General Electric will build a 380MW wind-solar-storage hybrid project in eastern Oregon, north-west US.

Lekela inks Egyptian power deal

Lekela inks Egyptian power deal

Renewable development joint venture Lekela has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) for a 250MW project near Ras Ghareb in the Gulf of Suez region.

News and Analysis

New 100MW power-to-gas project planned

Grid operators Amprion and Open Grid Europe (OGE) want to build a 100MW power-to-gas plant capable of converting renewable energy output into hydrogen.

Nike deal kickstarts Spanish project

Spanish utility and global wind power operator, Iberdrola, has sealed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with sportswear giant Nike, for the power from the 111MW Cavar wind site, in Navarra, northern Spain.

Statkraft grows renewables market access with PPAs in France, Spain

Norway-based utility Statkraft has signed a spate of power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Europe as the firm looks to increase its exposure to the renewables industry through deals and new projects.

Wind PPAs at risk as PG&E bids to renegotiate contracts

Bankrupt US utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is seeking to preserve the option of cancelling or renegotiating renewable energy contracts in a bid to cut costs, exposing a number of projects and developers.

Ambitious Clean Line Energy 'wrapping up'

Did Clean Line's HVDC plan push for too much too soon? How the political climate and seemingly unsurmountable barriers for multi-state HVDC lines led to the demise of the independent developer's ambitious plans.

In depth

Viewpoint: Hybrid projects unlock new revenue streams

The rapidly declining cost of solar and battery-storage is changing the nature of what the renewable-energy sector can deliver.

Energy storage picks up pace as costs fall

Cheaper and more efficient energy-storage systems are set to accelerate the deployment of renewables, but solar PV is more likely than wind power to benefit from the advances in technology.

Windpower Monthly's highlights of 2018 -- part 2

Auctions were the dominant theme in the second half of the year. Wind took a beating from solar PV in technology-neutral tenders, while low prices and permitting delays led to several onshore rounds in Germany and France being undersubscribed. Manufacturers were feeling the pressure too, with big names reporting falling revenues despite growing order books.

Windpower Monthly's highlights of 2018 -- part 1

From auctions and acquisitions to boardroom upheavals and political wrangling, plus a few turbine launches on the way, we pick out some of the key stories from Windpower Monthly's 2018 coverage.

WindEconomics: Managing variability costs rise with renewables

The additional costs an electricity network incurs to manage variable sources such as wind and solar PV are a frequent topic for debate.

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