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News & in-depth analysis of wind power and renewable energy markets, power purchase agreements, transmission networks, energy storage, substations, supply interruption and transmission failures.

San Francisco trains to run on wind

San Francisco trains to run on wind

UNITED STATES: The San Francisco Bay Area's public transport system has signed two 20-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) for wind and solar power.

Egypt 'initials' 250MW power deal with Lekela

Egypt 'initials' 250MW power deal with Lekela

EGYPT: Renewable power generation joint venture Lekela has initialled key project documents with the Egyptian government for a 250MW wind farm in the Gulf of Suez.

Flexible storage solutions needed to push renewables penetration

Flexible storage solutions needed to push renewables penetration

WORLDWIDE: A mix of flexible storage solutions will be needed to stabilise grids and prevent outages as the power system becomes more variable, according to a new research paper.

News and Analysis

Up to 3GW wind-storage sites possible in UK by 2021

UK: Approximately 12GW of battery storage could be deployed nationwide by the end of 2021, a quarter of which could be co-located at wind power sites, a new study has found.

Siemens to upgrade France-UK link

FRANCE/UK: Transmission specialist Siemens will replace the transformers on the 2GW interconnector between the UK and France, increasing its reliability and efficiency.

Electricity industry backs carbon neutrality by 2050

EUROPE: Members of the electricity industry union, EurElectric, have committed to providing a carbon-neutral electricity mix "well-before the mid-century".

Google buys 536MW from US wind farms

UNITED STATES: Google has signed power purchase agreements (PPA) for 536MW of wind power from EDF Renewable Energy, Iberdrola subsidiary Avangrid Renewables and the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA).

World's largest lithium-ion battery launched

AUSTRALIA: Elon Musk's Tesla has completed installation of the world's largest lithium-ion battery at the Hornsdale Wind complex ahead of the billionaire's self-imposed '100-day' deadline.

In depth

Nuclear switch

FRANCE: French utility EDF's next generation of nuclear reactors will work in cooperation with renewables, rather than as rivals, to drive down fossil-fuel generation.

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'Argentina is now sexy'

ARGENTINA: The country may be a latecomer to the Latin American wind boom, but ambitious targets and radical economic reforms mean this is the perfect time to grab a slice of the pie.

How the UK aims to avoid the EV grid crash

UK: Managing the charging of electric cars as a flexible load will reduce stress on the electricity grid and could encourage more investment in renewable energy generation.

Viewpoint: Wind should learn from solar PV on storage

WORLDWIDE: Battery-storage technology has very high public visibility at present for several reasons.

Cheap power, brutal competition

UNITED STATES: With low gas prices pushing down wholesale prices, developers are finding utilities are keener to buy wind farms than the power they generate.

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