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News & in-depth analysis of wind power and renewable energy markets, power purchase agreements, transmission networks, energy storage, substations, supply interruption and transmission failures.

Offshore wind cable market to grow 57% by 2023

Offshore wind cable market to grow 57% by 2023

The value of the global market for subsea cables is set to increase 57% in the next four years as the offshore wind sector expands.

PPA hunt for 'Canada's largest wind farm'

PPA hunt for 'Canada's largest wind farm'

Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada (BHE Canada) and RES have launched a search for partners to buy power from what could be Canada's largest onshore wind farm, testing how wind can compete without subsidy in Alberta.

Policy uncertainty 'jeopardising European growth'

Policy uncertainty 'jeopardising European growth'

Significant uncertainty surrounds the growth of wind power in Europe over the next five years, with much hinging on countries' national energy and climate plans (NECPs) and policy frameworks, according to a new report from industry body WindEurope.

News and Analysis

WindEurope launches corporate PPA 'toolkit'

A free-to-use resource designed to support corporate procurement of renewable energy has been launched on the second day of the RE-Source forum in Amsterdam.

Neoen unveils 1.8GW wind-solar-storage hybrid

French developer Neoen is planning a major hybrid project in South Australia with up to 1.8GW of wind and solar plus a storage component dwarfing the world's current largest lithium-ion battery.

Facebook signs latest PPA

Social media giant Facebook has inked a new power purchase agreement with what will be the single-largest wind project in Texas, as the corporate PPA market continues apace in the US.

Wind gambles on copper price and availability

New wind power installations between 2018 and 2028 will use more than 5.5 million tonnes (Mt) of copper -- more than double the amount used in the last ten years -- despite declining supplies and rising prices.

UK backs green hydrogen pilots

A project backed by offshore wind developer Ørsted, a floating wind site, and a gin distillery are three initiatives that have secured funding as part of a £390 million UK government programme to support the advancement of clean hydrogen production.

In depth

Easy does it: the art of a gentle cable pull

Connecting the world's largest offshore wind project to the grid required a new approach and a delicate touch, writes Mike Morrison, global head of Sparrows Group Cable and Pipe Lay Solutions (CPLS).

Challenges remain for rapid US offshore buildout

With the deadline looming to start work at the end of 2019 to qualify for tax credits, building a supply chain is the priority for the nascent US offshore wind sector.

Viewpoint: Hybrid projects unlock new revenue streams

The rapidly declining cost of solar and battery-storage is changing the nature of what the renewable-energy sector can deliver.

Energy storage picks up pace as costs fall

Cheaper and more efficient energy-storage systems are set to accelerate the deployment of renewables, but solar PV is more likely than wind power to benefit from the advances in technology.

Windpower Monthly's highlights of 2018 -- part 2

Auctions were the dominant theme in the second half of the year. Wind took a beating from solar PV in technology-neutral tenders, while low prices and permitting delays led to several onshore rounds in Germany and France being undersubscribed. Manufacturers were feeling the pressure too, with big names reporting falling revenues despite growing order books.