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'Up to 85GW corporate PPA demand through to 2030'

'Up to 85GW corporate PPA demand through to 2030'

The renewable energy demands of the 1,000 biggest companies in the US could create a need for up to 85GW of corporate procurement through to 2030, according to new research.

German renewables levy to peak in 2021

German renewables levy to peak in 2021

The surcharge funding Germany's green energy expansion will rise in 2020 and peak in 2021, before falling as first-generation renewable power plants' 20-year contracts expire, according to a clean energy think tank.

Danish summer generation up 25%

Danish summer generation up 25%

Denmark's wind fleet generated over 2TWh of electricity in June and July, a quarter more than the same period of 2018. But trade body Wind Denmark said the total could have been even higher.

News and Analysis

Andhra Pradesh throttles wind generation after court orders

After getting a rap from the court that stayed the tariff renegotiation order issued by the newly-elected state government, the state administration resorted to curtailing wind and solar power generation.

Australia sues wind developers over blackouts

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is pursuing court action against four wind developers over the 2016 blackouts in South Australia, caused by a once-in-50-year storm, creating further tension in the already fragile industry.

Economics of renewable-powered EVs 'crush oil'

The same capital investment today for wind and solar would produce up to seven times as much useful energy for electric vehicles (EVs) as it would for petrol-powered vehicles, according to a new analysis.

Australia's Kennedy hybrid powers up

The first 61MW/4MWh phase of the Kennedy Energy Park in Queensland comprising wind, solar and storage elements, has been "energised" after months of connection delays.

US PPA market up 28% in Q2

Wind power customers announced almost 2GW in new power purchase agreements (PPAs) in the second quarter of 2019, according to the American Wind Energy Association's Q2 2019 quarterly report.

In depth

Challenges remain for rapid US offshore buildout

With the deadline looming to start work at the end of 2019 to qualify for tax credits, building a supply chain is the priority for the nascent US offshore wind sector.

Viewpoint: Hybrid projects unlock new revenue streams

The rapidly declining cost of solar and battery-storage is changing the nature of what the renewable-energy sector can deliver.

Energy storage picks up pace as costs fall

Cheaper and more efficient energy-storage systems are set to accelerate the deployment of renewables, but solar PV is more likely than wind power to benefit from the advances in technology.

Windpower Monthly's highlights of 2018 -- part 2

Auctions were the dominant theme in the second half of the year. Wind took a beating from solar PV in technology-neutral tenders, while low prices and permitting delays led to several onshore rounds in Germany and France being undersubscribed. Manufacturers were feeling the pressure too, with big names reporting falling revenues despite growing order books.

Windpower Monthly's highlights of 2018 -- part 1

From auctions and acquisitions to boardroom upheavals and political wrangling, plus a few turbine launches on the way, we pick out some of the key stories from Windpower Monthly's 2018 coverage.