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News & in-depth analysis of wind energy technology, including wind turbines, turbine blades, drive trains, electricity transmission, smart grids and energy storage.

GE secures supercomputer access for offshore wind research

GE secures supercomputer access for offshore wind research

GE Research will use a US government supercomputer to conduct otherwise unfeasible research to lead to improved efficiencies in offshore wind production

Oil engineer Aker Solutions unveils offshore wind blueprint

Oil engineer Aker Solutions unveils offshore wind blueprint

Aker Solutions sets out offshore wind business plan ahead of proposed spin-off

Dongfang fast-tracks direct-drive designs for onshore and offshore

Dongfang fast-tracks direct-drive designs for onshore and offshore

In-depth technology analysis of China's most powerful operating turbine by Eize de Vries

News and analysis

RWE and Mitsubishi join Maine floating pilot

Offshore heavyweights enter US market for flagship floating demonstration project

GE sues Siemens Gamesa over variable-speed patent

GE has filed a complaint against rival manufacturer Siemens Gamesa's turbines

‘Robot scarecrow’ sees dramatic drop in wind farm seabird poo

Scaring seabirds away from substations can stop offshore wind infrastructure from being defecated on, according to a study

MingYang installs 5.2MW onshore prototype

MingYang Smart Energy has installed a prototype of its MySE5.2-166 unit, which it claims is the most powerful onshore turbine installed in Asia.

WindFloat Atlantic fully operational

The third and final turbine of the 25MW WindFloat Atlantic project has been connected to the grid, making it the first floating wind array in continental Europe to be fully operational.

In depth

SGRE aims to cement market lead with tailored 3.X turbine for India

Siemens Gamesa launched its new SG 3.4-145 turbine to make the most of India's best wind sites. Eize de Vries finds out how the company's technical experts in Spain and India worked together to come up with the best design to offer flexible power ratings, withstand the country's hot, humid conditions and offer export potential.

Exclusive: Enercon fires-up first E-160 prototype

As Enercon put the final touches to the installation of its 4.6MW E160 EP5 E1 prototype, Eize de Vries spoke exclusively to CTO Jörg Scholle, reporting from the Wieringermeer test location in the Netherlands as the final massive blade was lifted into place

SGRE uses offshore experience to take 5.X onshore platform past 6MW

Launched in 2019, Siemens Gamesa's 5.X modular turbine sets new onshore wind boundaries for rating and rotor size, and has secured orders before installing the two planned prototypes. Eize de Vries takes a close look at the platform's key technology features.

SGRE: picking up the turbine pace

The merger of Siemens and Gamesa was never going to be a simple affair. Two major multinational wind-turbine manufacturers pursuing separate markets with different turbine technologies might have made all kinds of sense as a business plan on paper, but threw up all manner of questions about how that could actually be achieved on the production floors and at project sites.

WindTech: Digital 15MW turbine offers help in scaling up

The National Research Energy Laboratory's 15MW reference wind turbine aims to become an open-access benchmark for (academic) researchers and industry collaborators. Eize de Vries takes a closer look and talks to those involved.