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News & in-depth analysis of wind energy technology, including wind turbines, turbine blades, drive trains, electricity transmission, smart grids and energy storage.

Measurable power gains found in multi-rotor Vestas concept

Measurable power gains found in multi-rotor Vestas concept

Vestas is dismantling its multi-rotor concept after a two-and-a-half-year testing and validation campaign, in which the Danish manufacturer observed many technical benefits from the four-turbine prototype including a 1.5% power gain.

Vestas opens Russian blade factory

Vestas opens Russian blade factory

Vestas has opened its blade production facility in Ulyanovsk, according to the Russian Association of the Wind Industry (RAWI).

'Bend-twist coupling' tests begin

'Bend-twist coupling' tests begin

Blades equipped with 'bend-twist coupling', which enables them to react to varying wind speeds, will be tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES).

News and analysis

Software focus for SGRE's new India hub

INDIA: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has officially opened a new research and development engineering centre in Karnataka, south-west India.

Hybrid blade material research programme launched

DENMARK: Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) will look into the best ways of mixing fibreglass and carbon fibre into a new hybrid material to be used in wind turbine blades.

Underwhelming appetite for India's first wind-solar tender

INDIA: The first 1.2GW wind-solar hybrid tender received bids for only 1.05GW of capacity from two participants.

Inox licenses AMSC 3MW turbine

INDIA: Turbine manufacturer Inox Wind will launch a 3MW turbine in India using a low-wind design from US firm AMSC.

'Iron-based 10MW generator possible'

UK: The new chairman of electromagnetic engineers GreenSpur Renewables believes the company's plans for an up-to 10MW generator could disrupt manufacturers' preference for rare-earth elements (REEs).

In depth

Self-aligning floater with integrated tower follows shipbuilding principles

A German consortium has developed, tested and validated a self-aligning, lightweight, four-legged semi-submersible floating-platform concept that integrates the turbine tower. Eize de Vries highlights the technological innovations.

Rethinking the use of rare-earth elements

As demand for rare-earth elements pushes up prices, Windpower Monthly looks at how the wind industry is applying the lessons learned from the last price hike in 2011.

Wind's most influential and interesting people of 2018

WORLDWIDE: Windpower Monthly's annual review of the industry's movers and shakers finds plenty of analysts showing what needs to be done, but few policymakers making it happen.

Reflections from WindEnergy Hamburg 2018

GERMANY: High-torque gearbox development, the mystery of the missing ministers, the death-knell sounds for pure-play OEMs, and the clout of the oil companies -- the Windpower Monthly team reflects on the news, product announcements and debates from the industry's biggest event.

Windtech: Wind-power generation with CO2 harvesting

GERMANY: A German consultancy promises to make wind power even greener. Eize de Vries talks to company founder Jörg Spitzner about Blancair, its innovative wind-turbine concept unveiled to an invited audience at WindEnergy Hamburg.

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