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News & in-depth analysis of wind energy technology, including wind turbines, turbine blades, drive trains, electricity transmission, smart grids and energy storage.

First US wind-solar-storage site unveiled

First US wind-solar-storage site unveiled

US developer NextEra and utility Portland General Electric will build a 380MW wind-solar-storage hybrid project in eastern Oregon, north-west US.

Shell invests in kite-power pioneer Makani

Shell invests in kite-power pioneer Makani

A leading developer of kite-based wind-power systems, Makani, has been set up as an independent company with backing from oil and gas giant Royal Dutch Shell.

Hitachi suspends production, favours Enercon

Hitachi suspends production, favours Enercon

Hitachi will stop producing its own turbines and instead focus on distributing Enercon machines in Japan and overseas, expanding a 20-year-old collaboration agreement with the German manufacturer.

News and analysis

ZX trials 'drone lidar' with positive results

Lidar supplier ZX Lidars (formerly Zephir Lidar) has demonstrated the use of the wind measurement device on a commercially available unmanned aerial vehicle.

Head-to-head: Vestas EnVentus vs GE Cypress

The key technical specifications of the most powerful onshore wind turbines under development.

Big and bold -- Vestas launches new 5.6MW turbines

Vestas has unveiled a radical new onshore wind turbine platform, with its first models featuring a power rating of 5.6MW and rotor diameter of up to 162 metres.

Artificial Intelligence aids leading edge erosion research

Researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland claim to have used artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing to model and resolve the problem of edge erosion.

GE's 12MW Haliade-X due for tests in Rotterdam

The first prototype of the 12MW Haliade-X turbine will be installed in Rotterdam in the Netherlands this summer, manufacturer GE has announced.

In depth

Vestas rewrites the rules for onshore technology

The headline figures -- nameplate capacity of 5.6MW and rotor diameter of up to 162 metres -- are striking enough, but the key features of Vestas' new EnVentus onshore platform are its medium-speed geared drivetrain and the company's commitment to modular turbine architecture.

Exclusive: The inside story of Vestas' ground-breaking new platform

Vestas' new onshore platform, christened EnVentus, propels medium-speed geared drivetrain technology and modular design into the mainstream market, setting new standards for power rating and rotor size at 5.6MW and 162 metres.

Turbines of the year 2018: Innovations

The best of the year's brightest ideas for enhancing wind energy.

Turbines of the year 2018: Rotor blades

Balancing transport and installation logistics with the requirement for bigger rotors.

Turbines of the year 2018: Drivetrains

The sector is adapating to higher-rated turbines and changing grid demands.

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