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Suzlon revenue and profit falls amid market uncertainty

INDIA: Suzlon recorded third-quarter losses in revenue against a backdrop of uncertainty as its domestic market switches to an auction system, the manufacturer stated.

Influential... and interesting in 2017

WORLDWIDE: Who are the people making the big waves in wind energy? The staff and senior contributors of Windpower Monthly make their pick of the key movers and shakers from the last year.

Tough times as Senvion moves out of Germany and into India

GERMANY: Manufacturer Senvion has been going through some tough times as it reshapes the business following the change in ownership in spring 2015. Its India strategy is not going to plan, and uncertainty in its German home market continues.

Windicator: Annual stock price analysis -- April 2016 and global feelgood factor

WORLDWIDE: The review of manufacturers' 2015 shares performance reveals that companies beat forecasts amid turbulent conditions.

Suzlon to supply 48.3MW in northwest

INDIA: The Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) has awarded Suzlon a 48.3MW turbine order for a project in Rajasthan, northwest India.

Dismantling under way at Altamont Pass

UNITED STATES: One of America's oldest wind projects is being dismantled, according to county officials.

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