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The latest news and in-depth analysis of wind energy storage, the development of "green" hydrogen, hybridisation, renewable energy markets, power purchase agreements, transmission networks, interconnectivity, substations, supply interruption, and transmission failures. 

US to miss 30GW offshore wind target, new report warns

US to miss 30GW offshore wind target, new report warns

Lack of manufacturing facilities, US-registered vessels and dedicated ports could cause country to miss federal target, new report warns

Saipem launches pan-renewables hydrogen solution

Saipem launches pan-renewables hydrogen solution

Oil and gas contractor to launch new system for producing green hydrogen at offshore wind project off Italy’s Adriatic coast

Transmission delay ‘could slow Colombian wind rush’

Transmission delay ‘could slow Colombian wind rush’

Covid-19 has delayed consultations with communities along route of a key transmission line – jeopardising wind farm connection

News and Analysis

Plans unveiled for 50GW wind and solar to green hydrogen

Hong Kong and Australian developers plan world’s largest green hydrogen facility near coast of Western Australia

Opinion: What might stop the UK hitting offshore wind goals?

The UK is still the current global leader in offshore wind, but what does it need to do to reach its 40GW by 2030 target?

Huge offshore wind farm to power green hydrogen in Brazil

French developer and Ceará government sign MoU for 1.2GW offshore wind farm to power hydrogen production in windy northern state

Mexico blames excess wind energy for power cut

Blame for December 2020 blackout likely to fuel government efforts to hinder Mexican wind sector, analyst believes

Green hydrogen to unlock Chile’s wind wealth

Chile aims to become a world leader in cheap green hydrogen production powered by huge wind farms in its remote far south

In depth

Road to net zero: No power without transmission

Part two of our look at the challenges on the road to net zero focuses on grid issues and cross border initiatives to overcome them

WindEconomics: Hydrogen production uses ‘surplus’ wind

Wind energy has much to contribute to the energy transition — exactly how much will depend on government policies

Siemens Gamesa adds electrolysers to wind turbines

SGRE and Siemens Energy are testing how to produce hydrogen directly from wind turbines, with plans for large-scale offshore trials

Wind and storage hybrids — a marriage made in heaven?

Adding storage to renewables is on the rise, as the US leads the way in solar-battery hybrids and wind-battery projects take off in the UK

Baltic Insight report: Reaching out across the sea

With nine countries bordering the Baltic Sea, some cross-border projects are in the works, from transmission links to co-developing sites