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The latest news and in-depth analysis of wind energy storage, the development of "green" hydrogen, hybridisation, renewable energy markets, power purchase agreements, transmission networks, interconnectivity, substations, supply interruption, and transmission failures. 

Renewables account for 72% of 2019's new energy additions

Renewables account for 72% of 2019's new energy additions

The growth of renewable energy is insufficient to meet global climate targets, according to the International Renewable Energy Association (Irena).

WindPlus: US solar-storage price drops likely to slow

WindPlus: US solar-storage price drops likely to slow

Windpower Monthly's brand new section takes a closer look at some of the latest developments in wind, solar and storage hybrids.

Total to build France’s largest battery

Total to build France’s largest battery

French energy firm Total has contracted subsidiary Saft Batteries to supply a 25MW/25MWh battery system to increase grid flexibility and security.

News and Analysis

Power-to-X collaboration established in Denmark

Trade groups Wind Denmark and Hydrogen Denmark are joining forces to form a new PtX Alliance to promote the use of renewable energy-powered electrolysis.

New Jersey sets out offshore procurement schedule

With currently zero operating offshore wind capacity, New Jersey has set an aggressive procurement schedule to reach its target of 7.5GW by 2035. But there are concerns over a lack of additional planning for the influx of the new generation.

Ørsted raises expectations for 2020

Ørsted has increased its full-year earnings guidance by DKK 1 billion (€130 million) as it gets closer to selling the transmission assets for its 1.2GW Hornsea One offshore wind farm.

Shell eyeing 10GW of offshore wind to produce hydrogen

A consortium including oil and gas major Shell has launched plans to produce hydrogen using up to 10GW of “new” Dutch offshore wind to power 3-4GW of electrolysis capacity by 2040.

Peak-demand tender marks wind's shifting role in India

A hybrid tender in India awarding 1.2GW for an assured supply during peak demand periods using a combination of renewables and storage could shake up the market and signal a reduced role for thermal generation.

In depth

Offshore wind makes waves by splitting water

Pilot projects across Europe are looking at using renewable energy to push beyond generating electricity. Powering electrolysis to produce "green" hydrogen could help decarbonise transport and heating while using existing offshore infrastructure.

Energy cost analysis 2020: Wind is ready for zero-subsidy future

Falling hardware prices and growing investor confidence mean the economic case for wind is stronger than ever.

Developing new grid solutions for offshore wind

Last October -- for the first time since the first power plant was fired up in 1882 -- the UK generated more electricity from renewable energy than from fossil fuels, an incredible milestone. And wind power is at the forefront of this increasing mix of clean energy.

Trying to follow the money to grow energy storage

The need for more energy storage is a given as the UK aims for net-zero emissions by 2050, but more clarity is needed on future applications and revenue streams to attract investors, delegates at a recent conference in London were told.

Windpower Monthly review of 2019 -- part 2

The next generation of new turbines continues apace in the second half of the year, but financial woes among many of the industry's western OEMs also bite. Here are the top articles from the latter half of 2019.