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GE upgrades Haliade-X prototype to 13MW

GE Renewable Energy aims to secure type certification for a 13MW version of its Haliade-X offshore turbine in the coming months

'Almost no birds die in collisions' with wind turbine blades, research finds

Danish study shows both pink-footed geese and cranes from a population of about 30,000 animals avoided collisions at the Klim wind farm

MingYang unveils new 6.25MW onshore turbine

Chinese manufacturer MingYang Smart Energy's new MySE6.25-173 has a power rating of 6.25MW and rotor diameter of 173 metres

Why GE is looking to law courts to defend US share

Take the hit for $220 million in new licence costs, or face a possible $1 billion-plus bill for sales lost because of import bans — that is GE's gameplan in its IP clash with Siemens Gamesa

Alarms raised on German offshore wind ‘entrance fees’

Germany's offshore wind industry is up in arms over a proposed change in the auction setup asking developers to pay for their projects to be selected, excluding smaller players and risking delays to the energy transition

Enercon to restructure German manufacturing footprint - updated

Enercon plans to set up 'centres of excellence' for nacelle and generator production and simplify its complex supplier structure