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Sharpening-up blade recycling

The wind power industry has spent decades working on the design and manufacture of turbine rotor blades, refining its production processes to handle complex composite materials at ever-growing size and volumes.

Ideol pilot doubles power yield and is 'ready for deployment'

A floating demonstration project using an Ideol platform and currently being tested off Le Croisic on France's Atlantic coast, more than doubled its power production in the second half of 2019, exceeding expectations for production and availability, the company has reported.

What to do with turbines after they leave support system

With around 6,000 turbines due to leave the support system in 2021, Germany's environment agency has assessed the country's readiness to recycle this potential flood of turbine components, and at what cost.

PPA hunt for 'Canada's largest wind farm'

Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada (BHE Canada) and RES have launched a search for partners to buy power from what could be Canada's largest onshore wind farm, testing how wind can compete without subsidy in Alberta.

WindEurope launches corporate PPA 'toolkit'

A free-to-use resource designed to support corporate procurement of renewable energy has been launched on the second day of the RE-Source forum in Amsterdam.

WindTech: Why wood works for modular, low-carbon towers

A Swedish company has come up with a novel design to make towers more cost-effective to manufacture, transport and install while reducing lifecycle LCoE. And it is made almost entirely out of wood.