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Windtech: Click-on and go device promises fast turbine evacuation

Quick access to a safe way to escape from a turbine fire is key to saving lives. Eize de Vries finds out why a new evacuation system claims to have the edge over traditional rope-based rescue solutions

Wind and solar could overtake gas and coal by 2024

The International Energy Agency forecasts renewable energy capacity additions will reach record levels this year, while other energy sectors have struggled

'Wind will be the backbone of future energy systems', WindEurope CEO

In a wide-ranging interview, WindEurope head Giles Dickson assesses the current and near-future state of play for wind power

Green energy boost key to economy recovery, says IEA

Faster wind power deployment needs to underpin governments’ plans if the global economy is to recover sustainably, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Double hit for Chinese OEMs as market shrinks amid falling turbine prices

Chinese turbine manufacturers are looking to diversify their business in response to falling onshore growth rates and subsidies being phased out in the world's leading wind market, new research shows.

Onshore wind dominates latest Italian energy tender

Onshore wind developers again secured the majority of capacity on offer in Italy’s second joint wind and solar PV tender, while prices rose from the country's first auction.