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Vattenfall and Eneco repower Dutch site

Vattenfall and Eneco have completed repowering a wind farm on the Dutch coast, nearly doubling its capacity to 50.4MW.

German installation slump prompts call for reform

The German wind energy association (BWE) has called for permitting processes to be streamlined, as annual onshore installations fell below already low expectations.

France maps out wind development - updated

The French government's newly published energy plan (PPE) confirmed a strong trajectory for onshore wind in to the next decade, but brings little comfort to the offshore sector.

Safe havens for protected birds?

GERMANY: The discovery of protected species on a potential or operating site is enough to make the hearts of developers and operators sink, but thanks to better understanding and monitoring of wildlife behaviour, there are measures to help wind projects and nature co-exist.

Grid needs upgrading but India's wind states are coping

INDIA: As suppliers and developers works towards the Indian government's goal of achieving 60GW of wind capacity by 2022, the industry is now expected to exceed the target, with some suggesting it could reach 80GW as the 175GW renewables goal goes up to 227GW.

NextEra to replace Iowan nuclear with wind

UNITED STATES: Electricity supplier NextEra Energy will close a nuclear plant five years earlier than anticipated, and partially make up for the lost output with new and existing wind capacity.

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