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Vestas wins supply deals for entire Danish auction

Vestas has won turbine supply agreements for the entire 135MW allocated to wind developers in Denmark's technology-neutral auction in 2019, after securing a new 63MW order.

China and US lead rise in global growth

The wind industry had a better year than in 2018, but the slowing Chinese economy and permitting problems in major markets are affecting growth. Windpower Monthly does some number crunching.

Proposed German 1km setback rule to be relaxed

The much-criticised 1,000-metre setback rule proposed by the German federal government could be weakened in a new draft law.

Repowering would 'help UK bridge energy gap'

Repowering onshore wind farms can help the UK towards meeting a looming clean energy deficit, according to analysis by a renewables lobbying group.

Carrying blades in the Caribbean

VIDEO: A newly completed project in Martinique required the transport of the seven turbines, and their 49-metre blades, up to the mountain site, which is easier said than done.

Bilbao 2019: Some national plans 'are not meaningful'

While many national energy and climate plans (NECPs) include pledges to deploy wind capacity, the lack of detailed policy means many of the plans "are not meaningful", according to new analysis by trade body WindEurope.