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Italian offshore wind association launched

NextEra to swap gas pipelines for renewables and green hydrogen

Florida-headquartered NextEra Energy Partners has announced plans to divest its natural gas pipeline assets in order to invest up to $20 billion in green hydrogen and renewable energy.

Germany outlines strategy for 160GW onshore wind by 2035

Germany’s economy and climate minister Robert Habeck has released a strategy for achieving 160GW of installed onshore wind capacity by 2035, following a second summit with industry participants.

Analysis: Italy looks to offshore wind for growth

Italy is getting serious about expanding capacity in Italian waters, with floating technology featuring heavily in developers' plans. But there is work to do to create the right framework for tenders and avoid permitting delays.

Former PMs back move to lift UK onshore wind ‘ban’

Former UK prime ministers Liz Truss and Boris Johnson have backed a move to allow onshore wind development in England where the local community allows it.

EU extends scope of plan to fast-track wind repowering

EU member states have agreed to accelerate permitting for wind farm repowering, with the shorter deadlines also applicable to ongoing applications, and not just new requests – as was the case in an earlier draft.