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News & in-depth analysis of wind farms, project development, wind resource assessment, public consultation, site acquisition, permitting, construction, supply-chain contracts, and transport & logistics.

Slow progress in French planning laws

Slow progress in French planning laws

Legal challenges to onshore wind projects in France should move faster through the courts thanks to two measures enacted on 1 December.

Mexican debut for uprated SGRE model

Mexican debut for uprated SGRE model

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has been awarded the first contract for its 4MW class of turbines since upgrading the platform's nominal power rating to 4.5MW.

Tamil Nadu launches 500MW tender

Tamil Nadu launches 500MW tender

A tender for 500MW of wind power capacity has been issued by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco).

News and Analysis

A 'legacy for future generations' begins construction

Developer Lekela has broken ground on Senegal's first utility-scale wind farm, the 158.7MW Taiba N'Diaye project.

How Europe's wind drought and heat wave hit owners and operators

The summer heat wave that swept across Europe caused record-breaking temperatures, wildfires and, according to some analyses, an increased death toll.

Mexican tender suspension 'understandable'

Assuming no further unwelcome changes are to follow, the suspension of Mexico's fourth clean energy auction is unlikely to dent investors confidence, according to a senior analyst.

Mexico suspends ongoing clean energy tender

MEXICO: The new government has suspended an ongoing clean energy auction without saying when results will be announced or when contracts may be awarded.

Netherlands offers 700MW subsidy-free

NETHERLANDS: The Dutch government is again offering the rights to build and operate 700MW in the North Sea without subsidy.

In Depth

Wind atlases no substitute for on-ground experience

Atlases and the maps they contain have been used for hundreds of years as a means of navigating the unknown. Wind atlases serve the same purpose. They are designed to help stakeholders identify locations of high wind speeds and understand the overall potential for wind development in an area.

Rethinking the use of rare-earth elements

As demand for rare-earth elements pushes up prices, Windpower Monthly looks at how the wind industry is applying the lessons learned from the last price hike in 2011.

Analysis: UK keeps a tight rein on offshore expansion

UK: Draft plans for the UK's next contracts for difference (CfD) budget for offshore wind may show a reduced ambition but there are still positive signals.

Move over, London

UK: London Array has more than twice the number of turbines, but ├śrsted's Walney Extension project in the Irish Sea is now, officially, offshore wind's largest operating project at 659MW.

Safe havens for protected birds?

GERMANY: The discovery of protected species on a potential or operating site is enough to make the hearts of developers and operators sink, but thanks to better understanding and monitoring of wildlife behaviour, there are measures to help wind projects and nature co-exist.

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