How we serve windpower

Windpower Monthly is the home of wind energy, providing specialist intelligence for the whole wind power community since 1985. Below are our products and services available to help you and your business continue to grow in the wind industry.

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Windpower Monthly Magazine

No other publication offers the same depth and breadth of global news reporting in this specialised field of power production. The magazine provides balanced quality information on wind power and only wind power. This leading news magazine of the international wind energy business is only available to Windpower Monthly members.

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Windpower Monthly Websites

The hub of information for our users is on our two flagship websites and Updated daily with news, analysis, insight, comment, and video, it keeps you well informed on all the goings on in wind energy. Both websites are for use by subscribers only.

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Windpower Intelligence

Our specialist research division monitors key activities in the global wind industry including installed and pipeline wind farms, deals, contracts, investments and policies. These are presented through the following tools and reports.

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WindMax Report

Performance data on thousands of wind turbines, including downtime, energy production comparisons and expert insight.

Global Monthly Forecast Reports

A broad overview of wind farm project activities, including turbine purchase agreements, and capacity forecasting for this year and beyond.


Details of turbine servicing (O&M) deals, including the name of the service provider and contract expiry dates.

Intelligence Tracker

A comprehensive database of more than 25,000 wind farms both operational and under development, updated in real time, allowing you to track project developments and business opportunities.

Intelligence Market Reports

Specialised market reports from our local research teams across the world, with detailed information on particular regions.

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Windpower Monthly Events

We offer a programme of conferences and forums throughout the year on specialist topics for the wind energy industry. These events are where the wind community come together to make connections, share their expertise and learn together.

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