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Spain to pay compensation to renewables investors

Spain to pay compensation to renewables investors

SPAIN: In a second international ruling against retroactive cuts in renewables support introduced by the Spanish government in 2013, a Swedish arbitration panel has awarded a Luxembourg-based investment firm €53 million compensation.

DTU and Vattenfall partner on shadow-effect project

DTU and Vattenfall partner on shadow-effect project

DENMARK: The Danish Technical University (DTU) and developer Vattenfall have announced a joint project to investigate the effect offshore wind projects have on nearby sites.

New projects to lose priority dispatch from 2020

New projects to lose priority dispatch from 2020

EUROPE: The European Parliament's (EP) energy committee has approved a raft of new measures to modernise the bloc's energy markets.

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WindEurope calls for 'smarter grid roll-out' to integrate renewables

EUROPE: More strategic investment in electricity grids needs to take place if renewables are to meet 35% of Europe's energy needs, WindEurope has argued.

Increased EU targets could prompt investment, report finds

EUROPE: Increasing renewables' share in the European energy mix to 34% could trigger extra investment and job growth, according to a new report.

Prices rise in first German tender after rule change

GERMANY: The energy regulator has granted contracts for 709MW of wind projects at a weighted average of €46/MWh.

BNA launches joint wind and solar tender

GERMANY: Energy regulator Federal Network Agency (BNA) has opened a 200MW tender for wind and solar power.

India 2GW auction prices at near record low

INDIA: The winning prices in India's first 2GW federal auction totalled INR 2.44/kWh ($0.038/kWh), in line with the state low tariff record and defying all expectations.

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OPINION: Certainty needed to keep Irish momentum

IRELAND: Irish onshore wind generation is enjoying a period of rapid growth but there are big funding and infrastructure challenges ahead, as Mike Tavern, technical director at engineering and environment consultancy Sweco explains.

At the tipping point: 2017 wind cost analysis

WORLDWIDE: Wind energy reached a turning point in 2017, becoming the cheapest source of electricity generation in many locations.


WindEconomics: Assessing long-term energy yields

DENMARK: The generation-cost projections reported in this column rely on estimates of the energy production of the wind turbines over the life of the plant by the developer.

New hope in Spain illustrates trend

Good news from Spain has been in short supply for several years, but the market is now showing signs of life.

Giles Dickson: Europe needs winds of change for energy transition

EUROPE: The European wind industry contributed €36bn to the EU's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016, supports 263,000 jobs and generated €8bn of exports outside of Europe. That's the good news, writes WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson.

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