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The California Energy Commission has backed raising the state's offshore wind targets to 5GW by 2030 and 25GW by 2045

California backs plan to boost offshore targets

California officials have backed a proposal to significantly increase the state’s offshore wind goal to 5GW by 2030 and 25GW by 2045.

Boca Grande beach in Cartagena, Colombia (pic credit: Jeff Greenberg/Getty Images)

Colombia plans first offshore wind lease auction

Colombia’s outgoing government has issued an offshore wind resolution setting out the processes for the country’s first lease auction, with plans to award temporary occupation permits in the second half of 2023.

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France offers wind farms higher electricity price boost

France plans to allow new wind and solar projects to sell their electricity directly to the market for 18 months before locking into fixed-price contracts secured at auction, as part of a series of new measures set to boost renewables.

US Senate passes wind-boosting climate spending bill

The US Senate passed legislation on Sunday (7 August) that would invest more money in the fight against climate change than any previous federal legislation.

Australia identifies first offshore wind zones

Australia is to immediately launch a public consultation on its first offshore wind development zone and has identified five other areas with development potential.

Germany to cut aviation safety limits on wind expansion

Germany will reduce protection areas around air traffic control beacons in a bid to unlock more land for onshore wind farms, but questions remain as to how much new land will be unlocked.

Greece eyes 2GW offshore wind through competitive auctions

Greece has set its first offshore wind target of 2GW by 2030 and announced future plans for identifying development sites and holding competitive tenders.

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WindEconomics: Solar likely to beat wind on price by 2025

Solar could undercut wind on price by the middle of the decade, an analysis by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in the US suggests.

Wind power buildout versus biodiversity – a question of priorities?

As the wind industry strives to deliver the rapid build-out demanded by policymakers, developers are working with conservation groups to ensure the fight against climate change does not come at the expense of biodiversity

Why repowering is key to the energy transition

Replacing small, 20-year-old turbines with the latest technology offers savings over new wind farms and increased power yields

UK’s latest auction begs the question – are CfDs a boon or a burden to offshore?

The biggest ever round of the UK government’s flagship renewables auction scheme was finalised last week with offshore wind emerging as one of the sector’s biggest winners.

Interview: 15 Minutes with Corio Generation CEO Jonathan Cole

The developer on a fair price for offshore wind, where countries are getting it wrong on policy and the importance of price stabilisation