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News & in-depth analysis of wind power and renewable energy policy, legislation & regulation, pricing, tariffs & incentives, permitting and environmental issues.

US Offshore Insight Report: Ushering in a new dawn

US Offshore Insight Report: Ushering in a new dawn

The Biden administration has raised hopes of a long-awaited burst of activity for offshore wind projects in US waters

Africa missing out on ‘incredible’ wind resource potential - GWEC

Africa missing out on ‘incredible’ wind resource potential - GWEC

Africa and the Middle East’s cumulative wind capacity reached more than 7GW by the end of 2020. However, the region is not fulfilling its potential, GWEC warns

UK offshore wind hubs ‘big bang moment’ for industry

UK offshore wind hubs ‘big bang moment’ for industry

Renewables industry group welcomes ‘world-class offshore wind hubs’ and free ports in the north east of England to boost offshore wind

News and analysis

Nine demands to rapidly scale up renewable hydrogen

The Renewable Hydrogen Coalition hammers out the vital policies needed for Europe to rapidly scale up its uptake in the race for renewable hydrogen

EDP sets sights on 10GW wind growth by 2025

The Portugese developer has big plans to boost wind projects in the US and Europe to add 10GW gross wind capacity by 2025

Mexico’s ‘damaged’ clean energy transition needs fix, GWEC says

GWEC and the Global Solar Council make an urgent intervention calling on Mexico’s government to reject a bill to modify the country's electricity act

China accounts for half of 2020 offshore wind additions

For a third year in a row, China leads global offshore wind installations, adding more than 3GW of capacity last year, according to GWEC

Spain connected 1.7GW of wind in 2020 despite Covid

New installations dropped a quarter from Spain's comeback year in 2019, but trade body AEE believes country can reach 2030 renewables target

in depth

WindEconomics: Which markets are the cheapest for wind energy?

IEA’s global cost comparison shows Denmark is the cheapest for onshore and offshore wind, while Japan is the most expensive

Hybrid projects — a marriage made in heaven?

The US market leads the way in solar-battery hybrid facilities, while wind-battery projects are becoming more common in the UK

Why wind power is stronger and cheaper than ever

Propelled by governments’ commitments to carbon-free generation and an increasingly cost-effective profile, wind power enters the new decade as a leading proven technology in a fast-changing energy landscape

Looking back on 2020 – Part 5: Politicians pledge green post-Covid recovery

With the economic case for wind now beyond doubt, businesses and governments lined up to pledge net-zero targets and increased renewable energy deployment – which will have to go hand-in-hand with system integration measures. The final part of Windpower Monthly's review of the year looks at the policies, promises and projects

Europe’s path to rolling out 300GW of offshore wind by 2050

With strategies and targets now firmly in place, all it takes is to get the turbines installed, right? Wrong. Windpower Monthly explores what needs to be done to achieve Europe’s ambition in three decades