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'Vestas climate targets consistent with 1.5C Paris pledge' - independent scientists

'Vestas climate targets consistent with 1.5C Paris pledge' - independent scientists

Vestas has become the first renewable energy manufacturer to have its climate targets independently verified as aligning with the most ambitious target of the Paris Climate Agreement

Ireland awards 480MW to wind in first green auction

Ireland awards 480MW to wind in first green auction

Ireland has taken a ‘big step’ with its first clean energy tender, but prices can be cut further, claims the national wind energy association

Global offshore wind fleet to reach 230GW by 2030 - GWEC

Global offshore wind fleet to reach 230GW by 2030 - GWEC

Industry body forecasts eight-fold increase in global offshore wind capacity by 2030

News and analysis

GE sues Siemens Gamesa over variable-speed patent

US technology giant GE is seeking to block Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy’s (SGRE’s) turbines from the US market, claiming the European manufacturer is infringing its intellectual property (IP).

Poland takes its foot off the onshore brake

The Polish government plans to unveil a new amendment to a damaging setback rule that has hindered onshore wind development before the end of the year, development minister Jadwiga Emilewicz announced after rappelling down from a turbine in central Poland.

Germany funds offshore wind-green hydrogen pilot

The German government has funded a pilot project that will inform development of the country’s first offshore wind-to-green hydrogen project.

Estonia and Latvia sign pact for 1GW offshore wind farm

The Estonian and Latvian governments have agreed to jointly develop a 1GW wind farm in the Gulf of Riga that they claim could meet 40% of Estonia’s annual electricity consumption.

SGRE records €466 million loss for Q3

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) recorded net losses of €466 million in the third quarter of its financial year due to the coronavirus pandemic disrupting supply chains and hindering project execution, as well as market slowdowns in India and Mexico.

in depth

WindEconomics: Renewables could assist economic post-pandemic recovery

In June it was a little uncertain how the wind industry would be affected by the global pandemic, as its competitive position had been eroded by falling gas and oil prices. More recently, however, there have been hopeful signs, not least the publication of the Sustainable Recovery report by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

WindEconomics: How will wind fare after the Covid-19 pandemic?

With lockdowns reducing demand for electricity and sending oil and gas prices tumbling, Windpower Monthly's economics editor David Milborrow takes a look at the future of wind power after the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19 lockdowns hit onshore predictions

Until the coronavirus pandemic brought much of the global economy to a standstill, the wind sector had been expected to install more than 60GW in 2020. This now has been revised downwards, before the outbreak has even peaked in many countries. We take a look at how individual markets are likely to be affected.

Repowering is key to true 'transition'

There was always something slightly dispiriting about the phrase "energy transition". It represented something sluggish and recalcitrant -- a creeping, crawling process through conferences and committees about how shifting from dirty and resource-finite sources to clean and sustainable energy could be managed in the prevailing economic and political circumstances.

Steady outlook for wind sector after record year in Greece

As the country recovers from its economic crisis and the accompanying lull in renewables installations, new investors are entering the market and developers are making use of the latest turbine technology.