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Portuguese parliament slams excessive payments to generators

Portuguese parliament slams excessive payments to generators

The Portuguese parliament has approved a report calling for the government and regulators to curb excessive profits of electricity generators, including a €950 million alleged over-payment to EDP for guaranteeing supply from its Sines coal-fired plant.

Benefits of upgrading US grids far outweigh costs

Benefits of upgrading US grids far outweigh costs

"Some of our transmission lines are over 100 years old. Think about that -- we're charging iPhones and powering smart TVs with infrastructure built when large portions of the country still didn't have access to the electricity needed for a simple light bulb," said AWEA's Amy Farrell, as the trade body called for greater investment in grids to help reduce bills.

Germany and India slip in latest EY rankings

Germany and India slip in latest EY rankings

The ongoing permitting issues in Germany and India see two of the leading wind markets fall in the latest renewable energy country attractiveness index (RECAI) from advisory firm EY.

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Renewables spending 'inadequate for sustainability goals'

Stalled investments in renewable energy are jeopardising sustainable development goals set under the 2015 Paris Agreement, with wind power spending particularly weak.

India, Denmark and Poland named investment 'hot-spots'

Government support and overcoming transmission and legislative challenges will make India and Denmark top investment destinations in the next ten years, and Poland a promising market, according to new analysis.

Renewables installation growth stalls in 2018

"The world cannot afford to press 'pause' on the expansion of renewables," Fatih Birol, executive director at the International Energy Agency (IEA), warned as data shows annual additions failed to increase in 2018 for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Tempered post-election optimism with Spanish 'Green New Deal' hopes

The renewables sector breathed a tentative sigh of relief following the victory of the socialist PSOE party in Spain's latest general election.

German Q1 onshore installations plummet 87%

Onshore wind installations in Germany in the first quarter of 2019 were dramatically lower than any other first quarter this century.

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US grid starved of investment

Houston will host this year's American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) conference and exhibition (20-23 May), an appropriate choice given the size and health of the Texan wind energy market.

Is Trump's America ready for the Green New Deal?

They are both New Yorkers and avid Twitter users, but in all other respects US president Donald Trump and congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez couldn't be further apart. We assess the current state of the union over climate-change action and renewable-energy policy.

WindEconomics: Irish consumers pay just €1 a year for wind

The net cost of wind energy in Ireland between 2000 and 2020 amounts to less than €1 per person per year.

Viewpoint: Policy is the key to offshore growth

The "30 by 30" mantra, meaning 30GW of offshore wind deployed in Europe by 2030, has quickly moved from a statement of ambition to a consensus forecast.

Challenges remain for rapid US offshore buildout

With the deadline looming to start work at the end of 2019 to qualify for tax credits, building a supply chain is the priority for the nascent US offshore wind sector.

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