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Near-shore rule changes a hammer blow to Thor project

Near-shore rule changes a hammer blow to Thor project

Extra environmental impact assessments could delay about 500MW of near-shore Danish wind farms by two to three years, according to industry association Wind Denmark.

'Ill-conceived and incoherent': wind industry reaction to Germany's climate package

'Ill-conceived and incoherent': wind industry reaction to Germany's climate package

The clean energy industry in Germany was left unimpressed by a package of new measures designed to support the country's aim of reaching climate neutrality by 2050.

Policy uncertainty 'jeopardising European growth'

Policy uncertainty 'jeopardising European growth'

Significant uncertainty surrounds the growth of wind power in Europe over the next five years, with much hinging on countries' national energy and climate plans (NECPs) and policy frameworks, according to a new report from industry body WindEurope.

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German onshore action plan 'could revive market'

Swift implementation of a two-page action plan to increase public acceptance of wind farms and legal certainty for developers could boost the German onshore wind sector, according to the country's industry association.

Investors losing interest in troubled Indian market

India is set to fall 42% short of the government's renewable energy target of 175GW by 2022 due to "enduring policy uncertainty and tariff glitches".

Rush to beat subsidy end puts the squeeze on supply chains

China might struggle to meet growing offshore demand, while construction and connection bottlenecks could lead to project cancellations in the US.

Chinese developer plans Uzbekistan site

The Chinese power firm Lioaning has announced its plans to invest about $1.8 billion in a new 1.5GW project in the Bukhara region of Uzbekistan, according to recent statements of the company and Uzbek government.

Merchant sites show onshore potential if governments listen

Two turbine orders in early September for subsidy-free sites indicate that onshore wind is on the brink of a subsidy-free existence with the emergence of super-sized rotors. But state intervention is still needed.

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WindEconomics: US costs fall as turbine ratings increase

The latest report from the Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory (LBNL) in the US chronicles the continuing development of wind energy, accompanied by steady falls in costs of both projects and energy.

Milestones on the road to 10GW

As the UK becomes the first country in the world to reach 10GW of offshore wind, Windpower Monthly looks back at the most significant steps over the past 20 years.

Strike action and strike prices dominate news agenda

The Windpower Monthly editorial team did not participate in the worldwide climate-crisis strikes and protests of 20 September. We thought we would serve the cause better by continuing to report on the latest developments in the global wind-power industry, a vital component in the transition to clean energy.

WindEconomics: Longer lifespan cuts levelised energy cost

GE Renewable Energy recently secured certification for one of its 2.7MW turbines for 40 years. As GE said, this would help lower the levelised cost of energy, although others pointed out that some investors might not be enthusiastic about factoring a 40-year life into their financial calculations.

France looks to wind for island energy autonomy

After a period of zero growth, wind deployment is beginning to take off again in France's overseas territories, but will need to speed up further to achieve the government's 2030 target.