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Reports suggest higher RES target could save money

Reports suggest higher RES target could save money

EUROPE: A tipping point has been passed where increasing the level of renewable energy in the European Union (EU) beyond targets contained in current proposals could reduce CO2 emissions from electricity generation by 55% by 2030 while cutting overall costs.

US onshore wind cheaper than other renewables

US onshore wind cheaper than other renewables

UNITED STATES: The levelised cost of energy (LCOE) for onshore wind is down more than 6% from last year, new analysis shows.

Offshore to offset policy shifts as Make ups outlook

Offshore to offset policy shifts as Make ups outlook

WORLDWIDE: Policy transitions and competition from other renewables will challenge onshore markets, but innovation and cost reductions in the offshore sector will more than offset the lowered onshore outlook, according to Make Consulting.

News and analysis

German output drops due to slower winds

GERMANY: Reduced wind speeds meant power produced by onshore wind farms dropped 6.5% last year, despite an increase in capacity, new figures show.

Spain predicts 40GW milestone by 2030

SPAIN: Spanish wind industry association AEE believes the country can reach 40GW by 2030, supplying roughly 30% of its electricity needs.

Wind projects secure 43.5% in Mexican auction

MEXICO: Wind projects took almost 45% of the successful clean energy capacity in Mexico's latest power auction, with solar taking the remaining 55%, as prices fell to an average of $20.57/MWh.

Offshore wind is a California policy 'Rubik's Cube'

UNITED STATES: A new report into deploying large-scale offshore wind off the Californian coast will pose a number of major planning hurdles.

India's six-month installations the lowest in years

INDIA: Wind power installations between April and September 2017, the first half of India's financial year, dropped by more than 50% compared with last year.

in depth

'Argentina is now sexy'

ARGENTINA: The country may be a latecomer to the Latin American wind boom, but ambitious targets and radical economic reforms mean this is the perfect time to grab a slice of the pie.

Influential... and interesting in 2017

WORLDWIDE: Who are the people making the big waves in wind energy? The staff and senior contributors of Windpower Monthly make their pick of the key movers and shakers from the last year.

Viewpoint: Low UK offshore bids come as no surprise

The winning bids revealed for contracts for difference (CfD) to supply offshore wind power in the UK were lower than most of us dared hope for. Are they in line, however, with the bids seen in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands over the past year?

Bird kill research disputed

FRANCE: Findings from a study about mortality rates at French wind farms have raised important points, but the industry is calling for further discussion and investigation.

Viewpoint: Floating technology is key to making offshore global

Offshore wind farms using floating foundations are a hot topic in the industry at the moment, dominating several show agendas and taking up many column inches in the press. Why is a technology that is still in the demonstration stage generating so much excitement?

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UK must rethink onshore wind

The UK looks likely to fall short of its European Union (EU) target to generate 15% of its overall energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Offshore needs the big players

For all the optimism and confidence on display in London at the WindEurope/RenewableUK offshore wind conference in June, it is worth keeping in mind that the sector is still very small.

Wind backs words with deeds

This issue falls between two of wind power's biggest events of the year -- the American Wind Energy Association's conference in Anaheim, Los Angeles, and WindEurope's offshore showcase in London.

Viewpoint: 'No-cost' offshore wind -- how did Germany do it?

The most remarkable thing about three of the four winning bids in the recent German offshore-wind auction is that the successful bidders have rejected the safety net of a minimum reference price.

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