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'Investment case boosted' in emerging offshore wind markets

'Investment case boosted' in emerging offshore wind markets

The acceleration of offshore wind development in new markets boosted several countries in the latest renewable energy country attractiveness index (Recai) from advisors EY.

German climate policy has "lost direction"

German climate policy has "lost direction"

Germany's new climate protection law, passed by parliament on 15 November, has crushed the sector's hopes that would help pull wind energy out of its current dramatic collapse as more details emerged. Renewables and energy associations have appealed to the government to reconsider its approach.

Denmark unveils offshore support scheme for Thor

Denmark unveils offshore support scheme for Thor

The operator of the Thor offshore project will receive state support through a similar support mechanism to the UK's contract for difference model, the Danish government has announced.

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Oil and gas sector's lessons for floating offshore wind

Learning from the oil and gas industry can help accelerate floating offshore wind development and cut costs, according to attendees at a RenewableUK and Scottish Renewables conference.

World's stated policies 'not enough', IEA warns

Wind and solar PV are due to provide the majority of additional power generation to 2040 and renewables are set to overtake coal generation in the mid-2020s, but this will not be enough to meet the world's climate change targets, according to a new report.

Asia Pacific to drive 'global market to 2030'

"Significant capacity additions" in Asia Pacific are expected to drive a 29% growth in the value of the global wind power market between 2019 and 2030, reaching $124.6 billion by the end of the forecasting period, according to new analysis.

Enercon sends up distress flare as Germany's wind market collapses

Enercon has stopped placing orders with key production partners and launched a "transformation programme" to return the company to profitability as the German onshore wind market grinds to a halt.

Africa set for nine-fold wind capacity increase

The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects Africa's wind power fleet to increase nine-fold between the end of 2018 and 2040, but the continent's small power markets and underdeveloped grids pose challenges to managing variability as renewables' penetration increases.

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WindEconomics: Nuclear escalates as wind prices keep falling

Nuclear power is too expensive. That is the implicit conclusion of the UK government, which has issued a consultation document on possible ways of reducing the electricity price.

Faces of protests on the streets of London

Undeterred by a police-enforced ban and more than 1,800 arrests, Extinction Rebellion's climate -change protests in the streets and squares of London continue.

WindEconomics: US costs fall as turbine ratings increase

The latest report from the Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory (LBNL) in the US chronicles the continuing development of wind energy, accompanied by steady falls in costs of both projects and energy.

Milestones on the road to 10GW

As the UK becomes the first country in the world to reach 10GW of offshore wind, Windpower Monthly looks back at the most significant steps over the past 20 years.

Strike action and strike prices dominate news agenda

The Windpower Monthly editorial team did not participate in the worldwide climate-crisis strikes and protests of 20 September. We thought we would serve the cause better by continuing to report on the latest developments in the global wind-power industry, a vital component in the transition to clean energy.