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Power system flexibility key to European renewables boost

Power system flexibility key to European renewables boost

Variable renewable energy sources such as wind and solar could provide the largest share of Europe's power capacity in key markets as early as 2023, creating a need for a more flexible power system, according to new research.

Falling costs make wind power 'necessary for post-Covid-19 recovery'

Falling costs make wind power 'necessary for post-Covid-19 recovery'

Cost reductions in renewable energy sources including wind power and solar PV strengthens the case for making them a ‘key component’ of economic stimulus packages after the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena).

Onshore wind dominates latest Italian energy tender

Onshore wind dominates latest Italian energy tender

Onshore wind developers again secured the majority of capacity on offer in Italy’s second joint wind and solar PV tender, while prices rose from the country's first auction.

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Frustration builds over delayed UK offshore projects

The UK government has delayed awarding construction permission for two offshore wind farms with a combined capacity of 4GW, prompting one of the developers to question the country’s commitment to the sector.

What role for wind as Europe prepares for life after Covid-19?

After March and April saw the industry battle huge challenges as the coronavirus epidemic swept the globe, May saw its attention turn to what the new normal could look like once the health threat fades.

Covid-19 weekly updates: 25-29 May

Here are the key ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the wind power industry over the past week.

Developers fight president's offensive against renewables

Mexico's wind industry is taking to the courts to fight efforts by the government to slow investment in renewable energy.

'Plunging investment may harm energy transition', IEA warns

Wind power investments are set to fall 2% in 2020, while total energy spending could see its largest drop in history as the Covid-19 pandemic prompts a plunge in expenditure for every major sector.

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WindEconomics: How will wind fare after the Covid-19 pandemic?

The price of oil in a key American market fell to zero in April, and the price of gas is also at an all-time low. The picture in Europe is similar. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the natural gas wholesale price in late April was hovering around $1.7/million Btu (MMBtu), which corresponds to around $6/MWh.

Covid-19 lockdowns hit onshore predictions

Until the coronavirus pandemic brought much of the global economy to a standstill, the wind sector had been expected to install more than 60GW in 2020. This now has been revised downwards, before the outbreak has even peaked in many countries. We take a look at how individual markets are likely to be affected.

Repowering is key to true 'transition'

There was always something slightly dispiriting about the phrase "energy transition". It represented something sluggish and recalcitrant -- a creeping, crawling process through conferences and committees about how shifting from dirty and resource-finite sources to clean and sustainable energy could be managed in the prevailing economic and political circumstances.

Steady outlook for wind sector after record year in Greece

As the country recovers from its economic crisis and the accompanying lull in renewables installations, new investors are entering the market and developers are making use of the latest turbine technology.

WindEconomics: Wind share could rise to 35% of global electricity production by 2050

While there is a consensus that the costs of onshore and offshore wind energy will continue to fall, there is, unsurprisingly, some variation in the projections.