Windpower Monthly rating 2.5/5

Our rating is based on a combination of project pipeline, political and policy support, investor confidence and structural readiness of the country in terms of grid infrastructure, permitting process and local supply chain.

Forecast of installed and operating wind power capacity based on the latest statisitics and measured against the Windpower Intelligence database.

New legislation passed by the governing Law & Justice party in May 2016 stipulated that wind farms be located at a minimum distance of ten times the turbines’ height from residential dwellings and protected sites, and raised the property tax paid by wind farm investors. The result was to bring virtually all onshore wind development to a complete halt. There are no grounds for either optimism or confidence for onshore wind development while Poland remains governed by a fossil-fuel (mainly coal) supporting administration.

The outlook is more encouraging for the offshore sector with a number of projects now in development although construction is not expected to start until 2019. The Polish Wind Energy Association estimates 6GW of capacity could be operating in the Baltic Sea by 2030, and 9GW by 2035.

A marked improvement has been evident in recent years in the development of grid infrastructure in Poland, as a result of very ambitious investment programmes being implemented by transmission and distribution system operators. Nevertheless, more major investments in both the transmission and distribution networks are needed, especially with regard to facilitating offshore development.

Poland In-Depth

Poland outlines offshore ambitions

Poland outlines offshore ambitions

POLAND: With costs coming down, a pre-existing supply chain and other sites being developed nearby, Poland is well placed to develop and build a large-scale offshore market.

Market Status: Poland - Developers race to beat system change

Market Status: Poland - Developers race to beat system change

Poland's wind energy sector is expected to post solid growth this year, with the country's wind energy association estimating 500-600MW of new capacity to come online.

Poland - Market stalls in wait for new framework

Poland - Market stalls in wait for new framework

POLAND: New wind capacity added in Poland this year is expected to pale compared with 2013, as regulatory uncertainty has put a brake on development.

Pockets of opportunity in emerging markets

Pockets of opportunity in emerging markets

EUROPE: Wind energy markets on Europe's eastern outskirts, once fertile terrain for those looking for growth in the face of declining opportunities in more mature markets in western Europe, have lost some of their appeal.

Financing in transition in Europe's emerging markets

Financing in transition in Europe's emerging markets

EUROPE: As a growing number of wind-energy investors have targeted central and eastern Europe (CEE) for growth, regulatory uncertainty in key markets such as Poland and Romania has complicated the prospects for financing and could slow down expansion in these regions.

Latest Poland news

PGE speed-dating potential offshore partners

A search for a strategic partner to jointly develop up to 2,545MW of wind capacity in Poland's Baltic Sea has been launched by state-controlled energy group PGE.

'Crazy' Polish policies 'send the wrong signals'

POLAND: According to the government's draft energy strategy to 2040, the increase of onshore wind will not continue at the rate it has in recent years, signaling yet another setback for the industry.

Low bids of €36.53/MWh in Polish tender -- updated

POLAND: Prices ranged between PLN 157.80/MWh (€36.53/MWh) and PLN 216.99/MWh (€50.23/MWh) in Poland's onshore wind auction.

Poland set for 1GW onshore wind auction

POLAND: The government is set to hold a tender for onshore wind on 5 November and has estimated support could be provided for roughly 1GW in new capacity.

Mercedes Benz signs Poland's first wind PPA

POLAND: Vehicle manufacturer Mercedes Benz will buy electricity generated at a 45MW project in Poland to power its manufacturing facility in Jawor in the south-west of the country.

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