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News & in-depth analysis of wind farm and turbine operations & maintenance, including turbine & blade failure, access, monitoring & control systems, health & safety, refitting, repowering, wind monitoring and site security.

GWEC expects 'growth spurt' from 2019

GWEC expects 'growth spurt' from 2019

WORLDWIDE: Global wind installations are set to break the 60GW barrier once more from 2019, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) predicts.

Deutsche Windtechnik opens US unit

Deutsche Windtechnik opens US unit

UNITED STATES: German multi-brand service provider Deutsche Windtechnik has opened a business unit in the "healthy" US market.

US annual growth down on 2016

US annual growth down on 2016

UNITED STATES: The US's operating wind power capacity grew 9% in 2017, adding more than 7GW of new wind projects and bringing the country's total to just over 89GW.

News and Analysis

One-turbine-a-day in UK offshore

UK: The UK's offshore industry installed on average more than one turbine every day in 2017, according to new data by the Crown Estate.

Market concentration to continue to 2027

WORLDWIDE: Wind deployment over the next decade is set to remain concentrated in 15 countries, highlighting the industry's reliance on the established markets.

MHI Vestas unveils data and performance tools

DENMARK: MHI Vestas has launched a range of "smart" software packages to help wind farm operators increase performance, enhance turbine monitoring and real-time decision-making.

Ex-JV partner's control of O&M hits 3GW of Enercon turbines

INDIA: Close to 3GW of old Enercon machines in the Indian states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are in a state of disrepair due to a lack of spare components and the refusal of the manufacturer's former business partner to relinquish service contracts.

Veteran steering O&M drive in recovering market

ITALY: As managing director of Nordex Italy for ten years, and general manager of Vestas Italy for eight years before that, Francesco Paolo Liuzzi has seen Italy's wind energy sector grow from infancy to maturity, with capacity expanding from a few hundred megawatts to its current level of about 9.5GW.

In depth

Comparing offshore output for 2017

GERMANY/UK: Offshore wind generation is rising as capacity grows, but how did individual sites perform during 2017? Windpower Monthly looks at key German and UK offshore projects.

Three steps to turbine repowering

UNITED STATES: By 2018, almost a third of installed wind power capacity in the US will be at least a decade old -- a total of almost 25GW.

Review of 2017 - part two

WORLDWIDE: The second half 2017 was difficult for many of the major OEMs with a drop off in the Indian market a key factor. Windpower Monthly takes a look at this trend and the other big stories from the second half of 2017.

Review of 2017 - part one

WORLDWIDE: The first six months of 2017 pick up where 2016 had left off with further activity in the mergers and acquisition field accompanied by significant job cuts. Windpower Monthly takes a look at the biggest stories in the first half of the year

Keep it steady

GERMANY: Helicopters are an essential part of the running of many offshore wind farms, transferring key personnel and providing emergency services.

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