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The Kaskasi wind farm, 35km off Heligoland in the German North sea, features three turbines with recyclable blades.

Recyclable blade trial as RWE offshore wind farm begins regular operations

RWE’s Kaskasi offshore wind farm, featuring a trial of recyclable blades, has moved into regular operations following a ceremony attended by a German government minister, the company said today (23 March).

Milford I & II were first commissioned in 2009 and 2011, and feature a mix of 1.5GW GE turbines and 2.5MW Clipper machines

Wake steering set to boost output from ageing turbines in first large-scale test

Angling turbines away from prevailing winds is due to boost energy capture at two large US wind farms, researchers claimed following the start of the first commercial-scale tests of wake steering.

One of the turbines at the Eemmeerdijk wind farm collapsed in stormy weather conditions in early January (pic credit: Brandweer Flevoland)

Vattenfall to dismantle Dutch wind farm early after turbine collapse

Vattenfall has decided not to reactivate turbines at a Dutch wind farm after a machine collapsed during stormy conditions earlier this year.

News and Analysis

Video: RWE probes GE wind turbine collapse in Illinois

RWE has launched an investigation after a GE Renewable Energy turbine leaned then collapsed at one of its wind farms in central Illinois.

The future of turbine blades

Turbine blades represent up to a third of the cost of a wind turbine but they do not yet benefit from the sophistication of sensor technology which exists in its other components, so are they the poor relation?

Updated: North Sea countries on alert after Russian ‘spy ship’ scouts wind farms

A Russian vessel attempting to map out energy infrastructure for possible sabotage was escorted away from a North Sea wind farm by Dutch authorities, according to media reports.

ACP: Policy vacuum feeds five-year low for US onshore wind

Wind installations in the US were down 37% year-on-year in 2022 with onshore commissioning at a five-year low, according to the American Clean Power Association (ACP).

Blade separates from turbine, pausing operations at US wind farm

Wind turbines have been “paused” at the MidAmerican Lundgren wind farm in Iowa after a blade separated from one of the Siemens Gamesa turbines in operation there.

In depth

Europe must protect offshore wind from sabotage as it shifts from Russian energy

After two European countries revealed this week that a Russian ship attempted to scout their wind farms in the North Sea, what is the security situation for offshore wind and what protective measures must be taken to protect critical infrastructure from espionage or sabotage?

Training won’t bridge offshore wind skills gap alone - we must build competency

The news is awash with positive stories about offshore wind: from Finland’s latest 2.1GW project, to Australia’s offshore wind implementation statement.

Do turbines make the weather? Meteorologist investigates repeated thundersnow in US

Scientists in the US are investigating a possible connection between thundersnow – a phenomenon combining heavy snow and thunder – and whether wind turbines are increasingly vulnerable to lightning strikes

Why repowering is key to the energy transition

Replacing small, 20-year-old turbines with the latest technology offers savings over new wind farms and increased power yields

Distribution of value in the wind industry is broken – it’s time for a new settlement

Former Siemens Gamesa insider says turbine manufacturers are in dire need of the bright future they were promised