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The remotely operated vehicle ready to be used at the Blyth offshore wind farm

Underwater drone inspects wind turbine foundations

Wind farm owner EDF believes this is the first time offshore turbine foundations have been inspected autonomously

The N163.6X turbine (pic credit: Klaas Eissens)

Nordex milestone with first 6MW turbine installed

The first Nordex N163.6X turbine to be installed forms part of a 500MW Dutch repowering project

GE hopes Lifespan can help operators understand the status of their assets and make better choices when it comes to monitoring, analysis, inspection, execution, and security

GE launches software to boost turbine performance

Tech giant announces new digital tools to give operators more information about their wind farms and solar parks

News and Analysis

Ørsted cuts cost estimate for cable protection issues

Danish firm provides update on cost of dealing with issues related to cable protection systems at some of its wind farms

Nordex shuts down systems as cyber attack hits

German turbine manufacturer implements crisis management protocols as it assesses impact of cyber attack

GE investigates another Cypress wind turbine failure

Turbine collapse in Lithuania comes two months after broken blade at Gronau wind farm in Germany

Ukrainian wind farms at risk of damage, industry warns

Nearly all of Ukraine’s existing wind capacity is in areas where active hostilities are underway following Russian invasion

Last turbine installed at Dutch 322MW onshore wind farm

Zeewolde’s 83 new Vestas turbines replace around 220 older ones at the largest onshore project in the Netherlands

In depth

How easy is it to hack a wind turbine?

From data theft to satellites used for remote monitoring, recent cyber attacks have made global headlines

From raw materials to policy: challenges facing OEMs

Analysts and other trade associations have given their forecasts for the health and profitability of turbine makers this year

Why repowering is key to wind power industry’s growth

With many of the best wind sites occupied by some of the oldest projects, repowering has huge potential in mature markets

Analysis: Turbine replacements to cost Europe €3.9bn by 2030

Expert analysis of offshore wind’s major component replacement market and the uncertainties related to jack-up vessels

Baltic Insight report: Overcoming ice challenges

Installing and maintaining offshore turbines to cope with icy conditions poses additional difficulties for wind technicians