Day 2: Thursday 23 March 2017

Registration And Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Martin Sandgren , Partner, Ince & Co  

Streamlining The Design, Manufacture And Testing Of Cables


Panel: Why The Industry Should Be Designing With Installation In Mind?

  • How has bad design and manufacturing seen a high failure rate?
  • The need for feedback loops from installation teams to designers and fabricators
  • Why increasing requirements and specifications on designs will save costs in the long run

Panel Participants:

Martin Sandgren , Partner, Ince & Co  

Fredrik Olsson, Manager Installation Bid And Proposal, NKT Cables

Paul McKeever, Head of Research And Development, ORE Catapult


Morning Refreshments And Networking Opportunities 


How Testing And Cable Standards Need To Be Improved?

  • How limited sharing of experiences may have caused a lack in appropriate testing standards
  • The need for new standards for factory and onsite testing
  • Using better quality surveillance and cable validation during installation to drive down costs
  • What improved standards would mean for transition to 66kv

Paul McKeever, Head Of Research And Development, ORE Catapult

Alex Neumann, Head Of High Voltage, ORE Catapult

Advancements In Cables For 66kv And Connectors


Panel Session: The Move To 66kv And Supply Chain Issues That The Industry Faces

A panel of experts to discuss ideas and allow for the audience to submit questions/queries they have on the state of the offshore cabling industry

  • Thoughts on East Anglia 1 and its distance offshore using 66kv
  • Will 66kv affect resources negatively
  • Will testing contractual agreements be met with a lack of standards
  • Workforce issues and why manufacturers need to be more involved
  • Bottle neck scenario? In the limited number of cable manufacturers and installation companies
  • How to Improve slow moving development

Panel Participants:

Martin Sandgren Partner,  Ince & Co  

Alex Neumann,  Head Of High Voltage,  ORE Catapult

Jeremy Featherstone,   Product Development Director,   JDR Cable Systems


Lunch And Networking Opportunities


Dynamic Cables For Offshore Wind Projects 

  • What are the challenges involved?
  • Project examples of where it has been done already
  • What are the cost implications of such a structure and ways to bring them down

Jeremy Featherstone, Product Development Director, JDR Cable Systems


Chair's Closing remarks

Martin Sandgren,  Partner,  Ince & Co  


Afternoon Refreshments And Extended Networking Opportunities


End Of Forum