Vessels and Access forum 2018

Windpower Monthly Vessels And Access Forum

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Tidal Transit provides vessels that increase the accessibility of the offshore wind farms resulting in higher time of tower levels for our customers. Through a combined fleet of owned and managed vessels, Tidal Transit has an access solution for all existing, in build and planned projects around the world. The current mixed fleet capabilities include over 40 knot transit speeds, up to 2.5m crew transfer sea states, overnight accommodation for 12 passengers, fuel efficient cargo transfer, marine growth cleaning and an economic survey vessel. With more vessels to come in 2017 the range of abilities within the fleet will continue to grow. Tidal Transit is based in North Norfolk and has been operating in the offshore wind sector since 2011.

Clarksons is the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, bringing our connections and experience to an international client base.

No organisation can match the breadth, talents or track record of the Clarksons broking capability - which is simply the most respected and successful in the maritime sector. Our brokers bring together companies with cargo to ship (charterers) and those with vessels capable of shipping it (owners). In short, our expertise helps make the transaction happen. Our clients move dry cargoes (iron ore, coal, grains etc) and wet cargoes (crude and refined oil and oil products), raw materials and finished products, gases and oils, chemicals and molasses... goods that any school student would recognise and many more that they would not. We transact business in every size of ship - from small units to those so large that they could not only swallow several football pitches, but complete stadia as well. These vessels criss-cross the oceans on the world's great arteries of trade, with every nautical mile managed and overseen by our team of around 1400 professionals in 46 offices worldwide.

From derivative products that have been pioneered at Clarksons to full investment banking services and tailored debt solutions, we also provide best-in-class financial services. Our role is to help clients identify and manage risk, fund transactions and bring deals to life that would often be impossible via more traditional routes.

Our research team is respected worldwide as the most authoritative provider of intelligence on global shipping and the offshore sector.

Ampelmann is the global leader in Walk to Work solutions by operating motion compensated offshore access systems and services worldwide with a track record of 3.8 million safe people transfers, 5 million kg cargo transfers and 200 projects.


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