Vessels and Access forum 2018

Windpower Monthly Vessels And Access Forum

Day 1 - Wednesday, 25 April 2018 

Registration, Tea and Coffee


Chairman's Opening Remarks 

David Matthews, Marine Strategy And Business Development, Clarkson Platou

Using Macro And Current Trends To Better Understand The Market And Improve Decision Making


KEYNOTE:  A Macro Perspective On The State Of The Offshore Market

  • The effects of oil prices, reduced turnover and how can competition be further encouraged to lower costs
  • The growth of technology and its influence on offshore projects
  • What market segments need development to support industry growth in the future

David Matthews,  Marine Strategy And Business Development,  Clarksons Platou


Panel: How Will Existing Vessels Manage Further Offshore With Larger Turbines?

  • How will large offshore wind turbines grow and what future loads and dimensions are we facing for installation and maintenance?
  • How will current vessel capabilities hold up with regards to future projects and what is the threshold for requiring larger vessels?
  • What is the likelihood of a bottleneck scenario for particular types of vessels and the need for larger and more complex vessels?
  • Understanding the operational limits and max wave heights possible on current assets whilst adhering to HSE guidelines
  • Is semi offshore a good solution to reducing costs and spending on flotels (island deployment) and can oil rigs be re-purposed?

Panel Participants:

Kristof Verlinden, O&M Manager, Parkwind

Russel Brice,   Head of Marine Operations, Ports and Assembly,  Siemens Gamesa

Xavier De Meulder, MD - Master Mariner, Extramare


Networking Break And Morning Refreshments


SES CTV Innovations

Brand new CTV technology and design to be released...

Trygve Halvorsen Espeland,  Naval Architect and Co-Founder,  ESNA


The Rise Of The SOV: Using Operational Experience To Know What Is Right For Your Site

  • The SOV market and scale of its development 
  • The use of watercrafts for SOVs, health and safety aspects and regional differences in regulations
  • Should SOV use be constrained to work further offshore at bigger sites?
  • What is the breaking point between use of SOVs over CTVs in terms of project demands?
  • What are the considerations for choosing SOVs? 

Russel Brice,  Head of Marine Operations, Ports and Assembly,  Siemens Gamesa

Operational Experiences, Standards And Promoting Ergonomic Designs


Development of Cargo Solutions in W2W

  • Early days of cargo transfers in W2W
  • Moving cargo today
  • What does the future bring?

Friso Talsma, Manager Sales & Business Development Offshore Wind, Ampelmann


Networking Lunch


The Importance Of Standards For Offshore Access Systems And The Need To Address Gangway-Vessel Integration

  • What is certification and why is it important ?
  • Standardization in the context of certification and how will standards increase operational safety

  • What will gangway-vessel integration need to look like in the future considering current class scope/practices.

Florian Teica, Approval Engineer, DNV GL


Knowing Which Access Systems And Upgrades Can Benefit Your Work

  • How have the latest gangway systems worked in practice and what negative impact access systems are available and how have they been adapted?
  • Proven concepts that improve accessibility whilst remaining safe to create easily integratable systems for vessel application
  • What add-ons are available and is there a clear ROI and benefit for them in the evolution of products for improved uptimes in next generation technology?
  • Operational experiences of using dynamic positioning: does it give better access for SOVs? what are the benefits of integrations hybrid power systems

Dan Kyle Spearman, Associate, Carbon Trust

Re-Thinking Vessel Use For The Full Life Cyle And Dealing With Availability Issues


Offshore Wind Installation Vessels - A Comparative Assessment For UK Offshore Rounds 1, 2 And 3

  • Background of Offshore Wind Installation Vessels
  • Assessment Methodology
  • Duration/Downtime comparison between the rounds
  • Vessel cost trade-offs

Jack Paterson, Risk Management Of Offshore Wind Installation , EDF  R&D UK Centre


Strategising For Minimal Vessel Use To Face Offshore Installations And O&M

  • Understanding the logistical and cost implications in minimal vessel use
  • What are the differing access methods for completing O&M tasks?
  • Will floating solutions alleviate the strains on the vessel market?

Bernardino Counago,  Senior Naval Architect ESTEYCO


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments

Using Logistical Planning For Greater Energy Efficiency And Managing Human Resources


Improving Logistics Efficiency in Offshore Wind Farms Construction

  • How to select vessels to support offshore wind farm construction?
  • How to measure vessels performance during offshore wind farm construction?
  • How to improve efficiency during offshore wind farm construction?

Jan De Vries, Business Development Manager, Ballast Nedam


Progress Towards Automated Maintenance Planning

  • Working out vessel routes, resources required and which turbine to repair first
  • Prioritisation of maintenance tasks and allocation of resources is still largely done ‘by hand’ in offshore wind farms.

  • Significant improvements can be obtained if we allow software with artificial intelligence to assist in the planning process, as demonstrated using a case study with the “ECN Despatch” tool.

  • Current progress towards realising these benefits on a day-to-day basis will be shared.

  • A roadmap towards a practical fully-automated planning system will be presented.

Clym Stock-Williams,  Wind Energy Consultant, ECN 


Chair's Closing Remarks 

David Matthews, Marine Strategy And Business Development, Clarkson Platou


End of Day 1


Drinks Reception


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