Vessels and Access forum 2018

Windpower Monthly Vessels And Access Forum

The Vessels & Access community event for professionals involved in offshore wind projects is back on 25-26 April 2018 in Amsterdam. This event will help you address and overcome vessel access challenges and satisfy your hunger for new solutions.

Why this conference?

Vessels and access is one of the most important topics for offshore wind. Construction, operations, maintenance and decommissioning are all dependent on the types of vessels and access systems being used.

As wind farms grow in size and innovation, the industry needs to keep ahead of the demand. There are now higher requirements for design, greater logistical challenges for port navigation and foreign laws to keep to while operating abroad. That's where this conference comes in.

What's in store for 2018?

In 2018, we will be answering the questions around adapting to the changing market needs. We'll find out where the future is heading and how to ensure we are moving with our clients.

Come and hear:

  • How existing vessels can be adapted for work further offshore and to deal with larger turbines.
  • Where the current state of the offshore market is; how our competitors are keeping up with it and what new technology is coming into it.
  • The latest designs and how the industry plans to deal with availability issues.
  • A global industry perspective with case studies from the US and Asia.
  • Discussion on all wind farm life stages that vessels and access have to deal with, from resource assessment to decommissioning.
  • First-hand insight on the construction process for vessels and access sytems, with a visit to the Amplemann manufacturing facility in Rotterdam.

What does our community say?

"Very interesting and exciting conference, will be back next year! Networking possibilities were simply great!" - Project Manager, Frisia-Offshore

"Good crowd, good content and great venue"  - Seazip Offshore Service

"The right people in one room" - Technical Project Manager, Siemens

"Pathfinding of offshore wind farms for the related bodies" - Director, Marine Div. G Manager, Tokyokisen Co. Ltd

"Interesting developers introduced each year" - ECN

"Very informative, with a host of expert speakers covering the full spectrum of topics relating to vessels and access" - Broker, Clarkson Platon


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