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EC urged to prioritise removing corporate PPA barriers

"Getting this right could unlock significant corporate demand for green electricity," members of the RE-source platform wrote to the European Commission to highlight the potential corporate procurement has in helping to achieve the 2030 targets.

The future of transport and logistics

At WindEurope 2019, Windpower Monthly held a panel discussion featuring Wood Mackenzie, LM Wind Power and Nordex to discuss the future of transport and logistics in the wind energy sector.

Nordex opens nacelle factory in Argentina

Nordex has officially opened a nacelle and hub production plant in Argentina.

Most turbine models fail to make a profit

Turbine manufacturers are "still not as profitable as they need to be to survive" as the cost of developing new turbines is not being recovered by sales, a new report has warned.

Nordex to produce blades in Mexico

German turbine manufacturer Nordex has announced plans to establish a blade manufacturing plant in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Wind Turbine of the Year 2018 - 3MW+: Nordex N149

PARTNER CONTENT. Why did Nordex's N149 win Best Onshore Turbine 3MW+ category in the 2018 awards?

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