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News & in-depth analysis of Nordex's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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Nordex wins first N149/5.X order

Nordex gets a first order for its N149/5.X turbine, after developers of a 286MW Swedish wind farm switched their initial order to the manufacturer’s 5MW-plus model.

Nordex develops low electromagnetic radiation turbine

Nordex has configured its turbines to emit minimal electromagnetic radiation allowing them to be installed near a radio observatory without interfering with the signals the antennae receive from space.

Windpower Monthly review of 2019 -- part 2

The next generation of new turbines continues apace in the second half of the year, but financial woes among many of the industry's western OEMs also bite. Here are the top articles from the latter half of 2019.

Husum 2019: Germany's gloomy reality

"If this goes on, we'll have phased out wind energy long before lignite and coal."

Nordex installs 238.5-metre high N149-4.5MW

Nordex and developer VSB Neue Energien Deutschland have commissioned a N149-4.5MW turbine at a site in Thuringia, Germany, with a total height of 238.5-metres, making it one of the tallest worldwide.

Vestas tops Q2 orders as global intake hits all-time high

Vestas won the largest share of order capacity in Q2 -- a record quarter for global wind turbine order intake.