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Nordex Delta4000 production line begins rolling

Nordex has started series production of its Delta4000 range at its production facility in Rostock, Germany.

Nordex enters Luxembourg with first order

Nordex has won its debut order in Luxembourg to supply seven turbines for a 23MW project by a local developer.

Battle over US dominance heats up as GE retakes crown

GE inched ahead of Vestas for annual installations in 2018, but the Danish manufacturer supplied the single most-installed turbine in the US.

Turbines of the year 2018: OEMs look to escape the tender trap

Wind power's manufacturers have felt the squeeze on revenues and profits over the past 12 months as a growing number of global markets adopt cost-conscious auction schemes for new capacity. Technology editor Eize de Vries picks out the best turbines, rotor blades, drivetrains and innovations for the 2018 Windpower Monthly awards.

Windpower Monthly's highlights of 2018 -- part 2

Auctions were the dominant theme in the second half of the year. Wind took a beating from solar PV in technology-neutral tenders, while low prices and permitting delays led to several onshore rounds in Germany and France being undersubscribed. Manufacturers were feeling the pressure too, with big names reporting falling revenues despite growing order books.

Windpower Monthly's highlights of 2018 -- part 1

From auctions and acquisitions to boardroom upheavals and political wrangling, plus a few turbine launches on the way, we pick out some of the key stories from Windpower Monthly's 2018 coverage.

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