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Nordex wins first Spanish repowering

SPAIN: Nordex will carry out its first repowering of a Spanish wind farm reducing the number of turbines at the site from 90 to 12.

Pumped to new heights

GERMANY: The record for the tallest onshore wind turbine has been broken, once again, by a Max Bogl-designed tower, but this time with the addition of a pumped-hydro storage solution.

New tender systems in India and Germany hit OEM profits

WORLDWIDE: A 5% fall in third-quarter revenues has seen Vestas' results for the first nine months of the year stagnate at the same level as 2016.

Nordex to cut up to 500 jobs

GERMANY: Manufacturer Nordex has announced a €45 million cost-cutting exercise including a round of job cuts from across its European business.

Nordex takes Delta series over 4MW

GERMANY: Nordex is joining Enercon and Vestas in the 4MW club, developing its 3MW Delta series into a 4.0-4.5MW turbine with a 149-metre rotor. Eize de Vries was given an exclusive preview.

OEMs remain upbeat on rest of the year after mixed results

WORLDWIDE: Vestas reported a drop in revenues, profits and earnings in its second-quarter financial results, on the back of a "better-than-expected" period in 2016.

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