Next generation offshore wind turbines


The past few years have been notable for the launch of a number of new generation offshore turbines. Predominantly, these are set to come into production around 2015 in time for the UK's 33GW Round 3 offshore projects.

Windpower Monthly technical writer Eize de Vries has examined these new products and spoken to the designers

Promotional images of GE's 4MW offshore turbine

Close up - GE's 4.0-110 offshore wind turbine

Windpower Monthly technical writer Eize de Vries examines the development and design of GE's upcoming 4MW offshore turbine.

Close up - the Vestas V164 7MW offshore turbine

Windpower Monthly technical writer Eize de Vries talks to president Vestas technology R&D, Finn Ström Madsen, about Vestas' first offshore specific wind turbine, the V164 7MW.

The N150/6000 is Nordex's first offshore specific machine

Close up - the Nordex N150/6000 offshore turbine

Windpower Monthly technical writer Eize de Vries spoke with Nordex chief technical officer Eberhard Voss about the technology and the challenges developing the manufacturer's latest flagship product, the N150/6000.

Siemens SWT-6.0 120 being installed at a test site in Denmark

Close up - Siemens' SWT-6.0 120 offshore turbine

This year, Vestas, Alstom, GE and Nordex have all unveiled plans for next-generation offshore wind turbines. Now Siemens Wind Power can add its name to the list with the SWT-6.0 120 its new 6MW direct drive product. WIndpower Monthly technical writer Eize de Vries went to the company’s Brande headquarters to speak with and get an exclusive introduction to the wind turbine via Siemens chief technology officer Henrik Stiesdal.

A Repower 5M turbine being installed at Thornton Bank

Close up - Turbine upgrade fuels offshore ambition

GERMANY: Repower's 6M offshore turbine aims to build on the success of its 5MW predecessor, one of the largest at its launch in 2004. Eize de Vries climbs into a prototype to see what makes these big turbines different from their competitors and weighs up the company's plans.

Artist’s concept of the Condor 5’s nacelle shows a distinct circular helicopter-hoisting platform positioned on top of the center of the nacelle in line with the tower

Two blades - Condor Wind's 5MW offshore turbine

Condor Wind Energy, based in the UK, is at an advanced stage of developing a two-bladed, 5 MW offshore wind turbine aimed at substantially driving down costs of energy compared to current three-bladed designs.

Alstom's 6MW direct drive turbine will be targeted at Round 3

Close up - Alstom Haliade 150 - 6MW offshore turbine

Armed with a 6MW direct-drive turbine and budget for two manufacturing centres, Alstom has big plans for the offshore wind sector. Windpower Monthly technical writer Eize de Vries spoke with Alstom Wind's vice president for Offshore Frédéric Hendrick about key challenges, technology and other choices aimed at becoming a leading offshore wind-industry player.