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Wind beats coal to top spot in Germany’s electricity supply

Renewables supplied a record high of 47% of the electricity fed into Germany’s grid in 2020, with wind alone providing 25.6%

Irish wind beats gas electricity generation for the first time

The Republic of Ireland’s onshore wind sector set new records last year and even outperformed gas, new findings show

Spanish wind brings Europe’s lowest winter electricity prices

Wind power accounted for nearly a third of Spain’s national electrical generation between December 2020 and February 2021 – more than any other power source

Call to reform Scotland's ‘volatile’ grid charges for wind projects

Outdated policy to charge remote projects for supplying power to the grid runs contrary to decarbonisation targets, Scottish network operator argues

Frozen wind turbines ‘not solely to blame for Texas blackouts’

Freezing conditions forced power outages at nearly half of Texas’ wind fleet – but also at many gas, coal and nuclear plants – leaving millions without power

California bill targets 10GW offshore wind by 2040

A newly introduced bill calls for California's state agencies to accelerate planning and development of offshore wind projects