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Vattenfall to balance Finnish wind for Google

Swedish energy firm Vattenfall will level out production from a wind farm powering tech giant Google

Covid-19 update: WindEnergy Hamburg goes digital

How the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is impacting the industry's 2020 goals.

'Questions remain' over China’s carbon neutrality pledge

Chinese premier Xi Jinping told the UN General Assembly that the world's top emitter plans to reduce its carbon emissions from 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2060

Major OEMs facing huge losses as impact of Covid-19 pandemic hits hard

All four major western manufacturers recorded losses for the second quarter as the coronavirus outbreak continued to play havoc with the global economy and supply chains.

Snapshot: UK places less importance on climate crisis than other European countries

This mural of Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg being engulfed by melting ice looms over a supermarket car park in Bristol, in the south-west of England.

WindEconomics: How lower specific ratings translate into cheaper power

In the early days of the wind industry, most turbine manufacturers aimed to squeeze as much energy as possible from the air stream.