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US policy failures prompt continued need for PTC

A powerful committee in the US Congress has proposed extensions to the US's key support mechanism for wind for a further five years, potentially providing some breathing space for an overstretched supply chain. But its course to becoming law will be a difficult path to navigate.

Lack of RET stunting Australia investment

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) has called on Australia's energy ministers to take action against falling levels of investment, which is 60% lower in 2019 than it was a year ago.

Total to supply storage system to subsidy-free Finnish site

A subsidiary of French energy giant Total, Saft Batteries, will provide a storage system to a subsidy-free Finnish wind farm. The 6MW/6.6MWh battery will be Scandinavia's largest.

Global offshore wind fleet to grow 15-fold by 2040

Rapid technological improvements and falling costs could help drive an exponential increase of the global offshore wind fleet by 2040, but additional investment and the sector unlocking new revenue streams could prompt a 25-fold growth.

Sweden lines up 2021 subsidy stop

Sweden should close its electricity certificate support mechanism in 2021 -- bringing it in line with neighbouring Norway -- the country's trade body has said.

US offshore wind: pipeline or pipe dream?

At the launch of the AWEA Offshore Windpower conference (22-23 October) in Massachusetts, Windpower Intelligence data shows the potential -- but improbable -- pipeline facing the US industry between 2020 and 2026.

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