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Our rating is based on a combination of project pipeline, political and policy support, investor confidence and structural readiness of the country in terms of grid infrastructure, permitting process and local supply chain.

Forecast of installed and operating wind power capacity based on the latest statisitics and measured against the Windpower Intelligence database.

The Mexican government introduced several measures to promote clean energy projects, particularly renewable energies, including clean energy requirements for large offtakers and utility service providers, the creation of a market for clean energy certificates, special dispatch procedures, tax incentives and auctions for the award of long term PPAs for the purchase of clean energy.

The government is also aggressively targetting 14GW of total wind capacity by 2022, up from the just over 4GW installed at the end of 2017.

This is being achieved through a series of auctions, which have produced record low prices for wind projects anywhere, $18.86/MWh.

The country’s first privately-built transmission line is also under development, following a government procurement round in a bid to encourage further renewables on to the grid.

There are substantial grid limitations in certain areas that will need to be overcome to permit the installation and expansion of wind power projects and other generation facilities throughout the system.

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Mexico In-Depth

Market Status: Mexico - Awaiting pay model in market reform

Market Status: Mexico - Awaiting pay model in market reform

MEXICO By the end of 2014 the country had 732MW of new wind capacity under construction, all of which will enter operation in 2015, according to Mexican wind energy association Amdee.

Energy reform triggers wind take-off in Mexico

Energy reform triggers wind take-off in Mexico

MEXICO: The fine details of Mexico's new legislation to liberalise its energy market have yet to be thrashed out, but experienced wind developers in Latin America's second-biggest market are pushing ahead with optimism and confidence.

Brazilian production bases set to lead expansion

Brazilian production bases set to lead expansion

LATIN AMERICA: We detail the most up-to-date data for Latin America's installed and upcoming wind power capacity, country by country. Measured against our map of turbine production facilities shows a need for more factories or improvement in transport infrastructures.

Latin America surges from potential to power

Latin America surges from potential to power

LATIN AMERICA: Favourable wind resources and government policy have driven exponential expansion in the Latin American wind market. Predictions that by 2020 capacity will have grown fivefold are making the region a safe haven for beleaguered US and European manufacturers.

Wind prepares to conquer new heights

Wind prepares to conquer new heights

LATIN AMERICA: South America is widely regarded as the most promising of emerging wind-power markets, but for the countries on the continent's western flank there remains a formidable obstacle: the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world.

Latest Mexico news

Mexico key to Central America and Caribbean growth

More than 9.5GW of new wind capacity will be commissioned in Central America and the Caribbean by the end of 2028, with the majority of this capacity being added in Mexico.

Engie forms Mexican JV with Japanese utility

Engie and Japanese utility Tokyo Gas have formed Heolios EnTG -- a 50:50 joint venture (JV) aiming to develop six renewable energy projects in Mexico.

Iberdrola increases renewables investment pledge

Iberdrola plans to increase its investments through to 2022, with boosts planned for both the amount to be spent on renewables and clean energy's share of the total expenditure.

Nordex to produce blades in Mexico

German turbine manufacturer Nordex has announced plans to establish a blade manufacturing plant in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Mexico cancels clean energy auction - updated

Mexico's grid operator and regulator Cenace (the National Energy Control Centre) has scrapped plans for the country's 5.9TWh clean energy tender.

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