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Published in January 2012, Windpower Monthly's annual look at developments in the world's wind energy sector during 2011 shows 38GW of new capacity added around the globe.

Introduction - Emerging markets enter the mainstream

WORLDWIDE: On the face of it, 2011 was a good year for wind energy. The figures collected by our global network of correspondents reveal an annual installation of around 38GW wind-power capacity, achieving a new record high. Total installed capacity rose to around 230GW, a 20% growth on 2010's total.

Global wind energy capacity January 2012

Major markets

United States - Bumper 2012 expected to precede mass downturn

UNITED STATES: Fasten your seat belts -- it will be a bumpy ride. The domestic US wind market has entered a period of unprecedented boom as turbine makers and developers scramble to beat market uncertainty due to the possible expiration in December of the country's most significant financial incentive.

United Kingdom - Gearing up for a busy year amid regulatory change

UNITED KINGDOM: This year will be a busy one for the UK wind industry, with onshore developers striving to ensure that projects are operational ahead of changes to the renewables' incentive scheme next year. Offshore, manufacturers will be pinning down locations for factories and distribution centres ahead of the massive demand expected from developers involved in the UK's next wave of offshore projects - Round 3.

China - Testing times ahead with more balanced growth

CHINA: The Chinese wind-power market faces a tough year as the industry gets to grips with new government requirements. Though growth slowed in 2011, the market still performed very strongly, with over 15GW of newly installed capacity. Industry officials expect the wind industry to continue to lead the world in growth in 2012 as the government counts on the technology to raise the nation's consumption of renewable energy.

Germany - Market reform and end of nuclear aid steady growth

GERMANY: Stable growth in both onshore and offshore wind is expected in 2012 due to the support set out in Germany's renewable-energy law last year. The country could add another 2GW in 2012, of which 200MW is likely to be offshore, according to a cautious forecast by the German wind energy association, Bundesverband Windenergie.

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