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Green Hydrogen 2023

In today's evolving energy landscape, green hydrogen, produced from renewable sources, has the potential to transform the energy sector.

As the world installs more renewable energy, the opportunity to use excess power to generate hydrogen seems an obvious ‘win win’ for wind power players. But this is an industry in its infancy. Commercial production of green hydrogen is currently limited and questions remain around how, when and where future capacity will be deployed.

    This report will dive into:

  • How quickly could green hydrogen roll out
  • The opportunity and challenges for the wind industry
  • Likely locations of future green hydrogen projects
  • The issues the wind industry should be considering now

PRICE: £3995

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Grids and Transmission 2024

n the second report, we dissect the critical role of grids and transmission in the wind energy landscape for 2024 and beyond.

Dive into the intricate web of interconnected systems, technologies, and strategies that underpin the harnessing and distribution of wind power, and why investment is crucial if global wind ambitions are to be achieved.

    This report covers

  • How hard is it to get a grid connection today? And how does that differ across the world?
  • Global and regional plans, focusing on key wind markets
  • The key obstacles standing in the way of rapid expansion
  • Implications for manufacturers and developers in this evolving landscape

PRICE: £3995

Contact  Adam Farah if you'd like to place an order for this market report.
0208 267 4232

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