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Life science companies secure PPAs for Kriegers Flak

DENMARK: Pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and biotechnology firm Novozymes will source their power consumption from Denmark's largest offshore wind farm.

Permitting limbo threatens French deployment

FRANCE: No new projects in France can secure permits following a court ruling at the end of 2017, meaning the forthcoming auction is set to be undersubscribed.

Wpd 'surprised' by project cancellation mid-build

CANADA: German developer Wpd has been informed by the new Ontario government that its White Pines project could be abandoned, despite being in the process of building the plant.

Nestlé UK and Ireland renewables use exceeds consumption

UK: A wind farm that enables food and drink company Nestlé to provide excess renewable energy to the grid has opened in south-west Scotland.

First Indonesian wind farm online

INDONESIA: Independent power producer (IPP) UPC Renewables celebrated the commissioning of the country's first wind farm at a ceremony in early July.

Hack the Wind returns to WindEurope conference

EUROPE: A hackathon for innovators working on developing new technologies will return to WindEurope's annual conference in September.

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