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Offshore wind newcomer divests 80% of Swedish lake project

UK investment firm Downing will buy a majority stake in a 100MW wind farm in Lake Vänern for around €29 million

Massachusetts governor vetoes higher offshore wind target

A climate bill that would have raised the state’s offshore wind target by an additional 2.4GW has been stymied by the governor on the grounds that cutting emissions by an extra 5% in the next ten years would cost $6 billion

European demand helps Nordex orders level in 2020 despite coronavirus

Nordex received more than 6GW of orders in 16 countries in 2020 thanks to strong demand in Q4

Turbines of the Year 2020: Onshore turbines 4.5MW-plus

Western and Chinese OEMs concentrate much of their development work on this class, with medium-speed drivetrains an area to watch

Turbines of the Year 2020: Onshore turbines up to 4.4MW

The continuing trend for onshore turbines to grow in size and capacity is reflected in the extended threshold for this category, but the top two models somewhat broke the mould

Turbines of the Year 2020: Offshore turbines

Strong showing from Chinese manufacturers as established players focus on 10MW+