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Clash of the titans -- top 5 biggest onshore turbines

Clash of the titans -- top 5 biggest onshore turbines

Nameplate capacities of more than 5MW; rotor blades pushing beyond the 80-metre mark; towers exceeding 160 metres for tip heights of 250 metres-plus. A new generation of giant onshore turbines is rapidly coming to market, with five of the world's top OEMs leading the charge.


History of wind turbines told at German museum

An open-air museum in Germany brings together a unique collection of more than 30 historic wind turbines built from the late 1970s until 1997, from one-off home experiments to some of the earliest models from major manufacturers.

Jobs and investment make the case for wind

RenewableUK's policy supremo Emma Pinchbeck tells Shaun Campbell why onshore wind is essential for the country's economy and net-zero target.

Roller bearings for longer turbine lifespans

Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde's single momentum rotor bearings are incorporated in large-scale direct-drive and geared turbines, and they will soon enter the 10MW offshore range. Eize de Vries talks exclusively with senior engineers about the company's latest product and R&D advances, and visits its massive new outdoor rotor and pitch bearing test rig.

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What next for Senvion? A look at the possibilities

Beleaguered turbine manufacturer Senvion is in the midst of a recovery, with the backlog of orders now clearing, freeing up revenue. But with new orders drying up during its self-imposed insolvency proceedings, the company is not out of the woods yet. So what does the future hold for the company? Windpower Monthly takes a look at the options.

Is offshore transmission owner system 'unfit for purpose'?

As the UK targets more than tripling its offshore wind capacity over the next decade, questions are being raised on the best way to deliver this additional energy to the grid.

The hot and cold markets of 2019 so far

As we reach the mid-point of the year, Windpower Monthly takes a look at which markets are on a hot streak, and which are suffering from a freeze in installations.

Vestas orders up 40% in first half of 2019

Following its routine end-of-quarter order intake flurry, Vestas reached over 4.6GW of new turbine orders during the second quarter of 2019. On top of the 3GW it won in Q1, Vestas is flying ahead of its 2018 total.


Onshore wind is UK litmus test

One of the last pieces of legislation passed through the UK parliament under the premiership of Theresa May set a target of net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. It was supported by the man who has succeeded her as prime minister, Boris Johnson.

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Contemplating a 145GW snow cannon; TV drama presents turbines in a very sinister light; plus opinions surveyed on onshore wind frameworks across the globe.

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