Windpower Monthly: December 2018

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Wind's most influential and interesting people of 2018

Wind's most influential and interesting people of 2018

WORLDWIDE: Windpower Monthly's annual review of the industry's movers and shakers finds plenty of analysts showing what needs to be done, but few policymakers making it happen.


Rethinking the use of rare-earth elements

As demand for rare-earth elements pushes up prices, Windpower Monthly looks at how the wind industry is applying the lessons learned from the last price hike in 2011.

Star-studded climate conference comes up short

UNITED STATES: The great and the good convened in San Francisco to discuss ways and means of combating climate change at a conference that was long on ambition and aspiration but short on practical answers.

Self-aligning floater with integrated tower follows shipbuilding principles

A German consortium has developed, tested and validated a self-aligning, lightweight, four-legged semi-submersible floating-platform concept that integrates the turbine tower. Eize de Vries highlights the technological innovations.

WindEconomics: Renewables lead the way in Germany

GERMANY: An authoritative report from the German Fraunhofer Institute confirms that wind and solar are now cheaper than all other electricity-generating technologies. In Germany, the most productive solar plants are slightly cheaper than the most productive wind farms.

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Germany's renewables act revision flatters to deceive

GERMANY: The latest revision of the renewable energy act, expected to take effect in early 2019, will add new auctions to next year's onshore wind calendar, but it is not as good as it looks.

Dire prospects for Swedish investments

SWEDEN: Investment in wind power risks falling off a cliff-edge despite turbine contracts being awarded for nearly 2.5GW in the 12 months to the end of September, the Swedish Wind Energy Association (SWEA) has warned.

Saudi Arabia enters EY's attractiveness index

WORLDWIDE: EY (Ernst & Young) named two new countries in its latest renewable energy country attractiveness index (RECAI), including Saudi Arabia in 39th place.


Growth slowing at crucial time

Traditionally there is a flurry of activity towards the end of the calendar year, particularly in the US, as developers race to meet various tax relief and support deadlines for new wind projects.

Wind atlases no substitute for on-ground experience

Atlases and the maps they contain have been used for hundreds of years as a means of navigating the unknown. Wind atlases serve the same purpose. They are designed to help stakeholders identify locations of high wind speeds and understand the overall potential for wind development in an area.

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