Windpower Monthly: AUGUST 2018

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How independent developers will survive consolidation drive

How independent developers will survive consolidation drive

WORLDWIDE: The relentless drive to to lower the cost of energy is favouring large multinationals and has led to a flurry of smaller developers being bought out. But the independents argue their ability to adapt to different markets and make quick decisions means there remains a place for them


Safe havens for protected birds?

GERMANY: The discovery of protected species on a potential or operating site is enough to make the hearts of developers and operators sink, but thanks to better understanding and monitoring of wildlife behaviour, there are measures to help wind projects and nature co-exist.

Floating pioneers undaunted by challenges

UK: Realism over the challenges that floating offshore faces was balanced by optimism that they will be overcome as experts gathered at the Windpower Monthly forum.

Windtech: Turbine makers expand production in India

INDIA: The 2MW-plus class dominates current installations in Asia's second largest market, but as in other low-wind regions, the trends is towards higher ratings and bigger turbines. Eize de Vries visits Vestas' and Nordex's nacelle assembly plants.

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Former employees sue blade maker for 'severe injuries'

UNITED STATES: Six former workers say being exposed to chemicals at TPI Composites' Iowa plant made them ill -- and they were fired for it. The company denies the claims.

Grid needs upgrading but India's wind states are coping

INDIA: As suppliers and developers works towards the Indian government's goal of achieving 60GW of wind capacity by 2022, the industry is now expected to exceed the target, with some suggesting it could reach 80GW as the 175GW renewables goal goes up to 227GW.

New agreement keeps France's offshore wind hopes alive

FRANCE: The offshore wind sector breathed a sigh of relief when president Emmanuel Macron announced late last month the government has reached agreement on new, lower tariffs for the six offshore projects awarded in 2012 and 2014, thus saving them from cancellation.

Denmark agrees "ambitious" energy deal

DENMARK: Three new offshore wind projects, totalling 2.4GW, and a share of DKK 4.2 billion (€564 million) to support onshore wind form part of a new energy agreement supported by all of Denmark's major parties.


Backpage: The last word in wind -- August 2018

WORLDWIDE: Climate change is a feminist issue; our planet's resource crisis; and a fact and figures send-off for Scott Pruitt.

How auctions pushed down prices in Latin America

Latin America has undergone a renewable-energy revolution over the past few years, doubling its installed capacity between 2007 and 2016. However, if we look just at wind and solar, capacity has actually increased 28-fold over that period.

Living in a world of contradictions

Denmark, the country that probably did more than any other to pioneer wind power, plans to slash its onshore fleet by more than half.

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