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MHI Vestas' Kavafyan on staying on top

MHI Vestas' Kavafyan on staying on top

DENMARK: When Philippe Kavafyan took over from Jens Tommerup as MHI Vestas CEO earlier this year, his predecessor told him to 'learn to say no'. Windpower Monthly spoke to the former Adwen chairman about how he is picking his battles and where he plans to take the firm over the next four years.


Floating design brings the x-factor to 10MW-plus market

FRANCE: French engineering firm Ceteal claims its x-shaped concrete floating foundation offers significant manufacturing and operational advantages over other designs currently under development for the floating offshore wind sector.

Windtech: Moventas evolves Exceed for 5MW class

FINLAND: Four years after the introduction of its Exceed gearbox technology, Moventas Gears is presenting a successor series, the Exceed Evolution, focused on the new generation of 4-5MW onshore turbines. Eize de Vries reports from the recently expanded production facility at Jyväskylä in Finland.

The Wright way - MidAmerican's CEO talks strategy

UNITED STATES: Having joined the company as an intern, MidAmerican CEO Adam Wright combines in-depth experience of the business with the competitiveness of a former professional NFL player as the utility works to deliver on its 100% renewable energy promise.

Move over, London

UK: London Array has more than twice the number of turbines, but Ørsted's Walney Extension project in the Irish Sea is now, officially, offshore wind's largest operating project at 659MW.

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Bigger turbines and low gas prices push wind to $20/MWh

UNITED STATES: Prices for wind power purchase agreements (PPAs) in the US are at record lows, driven by higher capacity factors, declining installed costs, record-low interest rates and the production tax credit.

Can hybrid projects bridge lull in new wind installations?

INDIA: Wind power and solar PV have seen a boom in the past few years in India. The country's installed capacity stood at 34.4GW for wind and 21.9GW for ground-mounted solar at the end of July.

Construction activity and new tender rekindle optimism

SOUTH AFRICA: Renewed political support and frantic action on the ground promise to end the three-year hiatus in South Africa's once booming wind market.

Global firms gear up as Vietnam plans 6GW by 2030

VIETNAM: Companies targeting Vietnam for development will face obstacles in permitting and financing. However, the characteristically resilient wind power industry will adapt to these challenges, according to Patrick Architta, business development director at K2 Management, which recently opened an office in the south-east Asian country.


Wind resilient in economic storm

Ten years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers sparked the great financial crisis, and you will be hard-pressed to find an economist who doesn't think that it could happen again, soon.

Viewpoint: How Taiwan is kickstarting Asia-Pacific offshore wind

There are many good reasons to celebrate the recent strong market development of offshore wind in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC). Most forecasters expect APAC to take the volume lead for annual installed offshore wind capacity from 2025.

Backpage: The last word in wind -- October 2018

WORLDWIDE: North Carolina floods despite new law; conceived and killed by force of nature; fossil-fuel divestment figures and facts; plus UN secretary general Antonio Guterres on foossil-fuel dependency.

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