Windpower Monthly: February 2019

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Exclusive: The inside story of Vestas' ground-breaking new platform

Exclusive: The inside story of Vestas' ground-breaking new platform

Vestas' new onshore platform, christened EnVentus, propels medium-speed geared drivetrain technology and modular design into the mainstream market, setting new standards for power rating and rotor size at 5.6MW and 162 metres.


Energy costs analysis: Why wind broke into the mainstream in 2018

The wind-power industry's hard work to lower the levelised cost of energy paid off in 2018, as report after report confirmed the sector as a mainstream technology that can beat most other generating sources on price.

Energy storage picks up pace as costs fall

Cheaper and more efficient energy-storage systems are set to accelerate the deployment of renewables, but solar PV is more likely than wind power to benefit from the advances in technology.

WindTech: SGRE responds to changing Indian market

On an exclusive visit to Siemens Gamesa India's production plant in Nellore, Eize de Vries talks to Ramesh Kymal, the company's onshore CEO, about ramping up production for its tailor-made low wind 2.1MW SG 2.1-122 model.

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Ambitious Clean Line Energy 'wrapping up'

Did Clean Line's HVDC plan push for too much too soon? How the political climate and seemingly unsurmountable barriers for multi-state HVDC lines led to the demise of the independent developer's ambitious plans.

Gujarat land allocation logjam threatens wind's viability

Nearly 2GW wind capacity from federal auctions is stranded in Gujarat because of land allocation issues.

US offshore is making up for its slow start

The surprise bidding war seen in December's Massachusetts auction marked the first stage of a noticeable acceleration in the US offshore industry, which had been gathering pace since the country's maiden project -- the 30MW Block Island off Rhode Island -- was completed in 2016.

The 7 best performing wind markets in 2018

We take a look at which markets performed the best in 2018 by how much the installed capacity grew over the 12 months.

'Risk mitigation strategies increasingly popular'

A new generation of buyers and improved data are making risk mitigation tools increasingly popular, according to the CEO of a valuation and risk analytics firm that provides risk management services for renewable energy.


Vestas rewrites the rules for onshore technology

The headline figures -- nameplate capacity of 5.6MW and rotor diameter of up to 162 metres -- are striking enough, but the key features of Vestas' new EnVentus onshore platform are its medium-speed geared drivetrain and the company's commitment to modular turbine architecture.

Viewpoint: Hybrid projects unlock new revenue streams

The rapidly declining cost of solar and battery-storage is changing the nature of what the renewable-energy sector can deliver.

Backpage: The last word in wind -- February 2019

UK needs plan B for electricity; wind power lights up Melbourne; plus US electricity mix figures and facts

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