Windpower Intelligence is your gateway to data and insights

Identify new business opportunities and better understand trends in the global wind energy market

  • Benchmark your data and see what competitors are doing
  • Identify new projects in the pipeline and track their status
  • Monitor turbine purchase agreements and OEMs' market shares
  • Searchable database of nearly 27,000 installed and planned wind farms, both onshore and offshore
  • Up to 100 data points for each wind farm
  • Daily bulletin updates on the latest project news
  • Suite of regular, insightful reports including turbine sales and capacity forecasts
  • Access available for subscribers to Tier 2 and above

WPI data insights

Real-time data updates

The Windpower Intelligence database is updated in real time, 24/7, by a global team of journalists and researchers with wind energy expertise.

  • A wind farm record is created when at least its name, (planned) capacity, location and (estimated) online date are known.
  • Wind farm records are updated whenever new information comes to light.
  • A wind farm’s status is set to "online" when it is fully operational and sending power to the grid.
  • From initial announcement to construction completion a project is "in progress".
  • Inactive "in progress" records are routinely researched every six months and their status is set to “dormant” if no updated information can be obtained.
  • We welcome feedback on individual records and more generally on our service.