The Windpower Intelligence Tracker is an online tool that provides organisations operating within the windpower sector with a continual immediate flow of leads, business intelligence, news and analysis reports.

How the tracker works:

  • We monitor 45,000 news sources, specialist web sites and information feeds for developments in the wind industry worldwide.
  • The database currently contains records on 4,100+ utility-grade pipeline wind farms, and 4,700+ companies active in the wind industry. These records are updated and added to every day.
  • Stories are categorised and inked to the appropriate companies and wind project records.

What the tracker enables you to do:

  • You can follow developments as they happen across: 15,000 pipeline wind farms, 6,000 companies, and 40+ sector categories.
  • These developments can be filtered by more than 20 different types of events and by any country or region.
  • Receive hourly, daily or weekly alerts, whenever you like on whatever you want.
  • Receive intelligence the moment it happens.
  • Run instant reports on companies, wind farms, categories, and events in either Excel or PDF formats.

Contact Windpower Intelligence

For more information please contact Daniel Keogh
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8267 8104