Integrity And Corrosion Of Offshore Wind Structures

Integrity and Corrosion Of Offshore Wind Structures

Pre Forum Workshop - Monday 1 June 2015: 13:00-17:00
Monitoring And Inspection Of Foundations

New Techniques, Methods And Procedures

13:00 Chair’s Introduction

Bo Juul Pedersen, Director, WindAps

13:15 Which Types Of Foundation Monitoring Systems Are Available And What Can They Achieve?

• An introduction to structural health monitoring: how to obtain and clean the data
• The latest technologies for monitoring corrosion, fatigue and other aspects that can affect the integrity of offshore foundations: how do they work?
• Ways to capture, manage and integrate data
• How is the information presented so that it can be useful for O&M decision making?
• Cost benefit analysis of different monitoring systems

Bo Juul Pedersen, Director, WindAps

14:15 Interactive Session
Which Monitoring System And Strategy Is Right For Your Site?

We will be looking at which considerations will determine your monitoring requirements, including but not limited to:
• Are there ICCP or sacrificial anodes?
• Which coatings are on your foundations?
• Are you relying on structures to be airtight?
• Microbial activities in the environment of your site
• Can you instrument a small indicative selection of turbines to monitor? How can you identify which ones to monitor?

15:30 - Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments -

16:00 Adapting Your Risk Management And Inspection Procedures

• How do risk management procedures tie in with monitoring?
• How will monitoring affect inspection regimes? How can they work in together to ensure we have the clearest picture of the foundation’s structural integrity?
• Reliability of the data: what lessons has the industry learnt about this? How extensively can we rely on condition monitoring systems?

Bo Juul Pedersen, Director, WindAps

17:00 - End Of Workshop -