Integrity And Corrosion Of Offshore Wind Structures

Integrity and Corrosion Of Offshore Wind Structures

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Corrosion Corrosion

With the protection of over 600 foundations (and counting), we are definitely worldwide number 1 in ICCP for offshore wind farms. Contact us when your steel needs protection!


International International Paint

As part of AkzoNobel, International Paint, headquartered in the UK, is the largest manufacturer and supplier of marine and protective coatings in the world.

With a considerable track record in North Sea offshore oil and gas installations stretching back more than 35 years, alongside an extensive track record in the renewable energy sector, International Paint are able to deliver complete offshore/subsea coatings solutions, which have been proven to protect against corrosion in the harshest environments.

As the expected life of assets is being increased in the offshore environment, we work with our customers providing technical support with the creation of detailed specifications and in field technical service from our fully certified inspectors to ensure that the right coatings are selected, are applied properly and provide the anticipated lifespan.



MISTRAS Group is a leading “one source” global provider of technology-enabled asset protection solutions used to evaluate the structural integrity of critical energy, industrial and public infrastructure. By uniquely combining industry-leading products, access solutions and inspection technologies, rope access solutions and training, 24/7 on-line monitoring of critical assets, industry specific mechanical integrity (MI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) services, destructive testing (DT) services, and proprietary world class data warehousing and analysis software. MISTRAS provides comprehensive and competitive products, systems and services solutions as a single source provider. These mission critical solutions are delivered globally and enhance customer ability to extend the useful life of their assets, improve productivity and profitability, minimize repair costs, comply with governmental safety and environmental regulations, enhance risk management operational decisions, and avoid catastrophic disasters. MISTRAS serves a global customer base of organisations with asset-intensive infrastructure, including companies in the renewables, oil and gas, fossil and nuclear power, public infrastructure, chemicals, aerospace and defense, transportation, primary metals and metalworking, pharmaceuticals, and food processing industries.

Force Technology

Force Technology

FORCE Technology provides tailored solutions and expert consultancy within monitoring of offshore wind turbine foundations. Experience has demonstrated that unforeseen loads of the structure or external factors cause damages in the foundation, which unfortunately, have proved to entail large and costly repairs. Our monitoring system gives early warning of structural changes in order for you to take corrective actions and avoid costly repairs. We monitor dynamic motion, corrosion, and functionality of cathodic protection as well as mechanical displacement and component stresses. Gathering operational data for the foundation is invaluable for design optimisation, but also for the learning process for future developments. With our unique monitoring systems and our comprehensive knowhow of materials, corrosion, structural integrity, fatigue, stress and calculations of expected service life, we are able to give you the best possible advice.

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This event provides a fantastic opportunity to speak to a very focused group about the products and services you provide to improve the integrity of wind structures and prevent offshore corrosion, which means that every delegate is a potential client.

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