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News & in-depth analysis of Goldwind's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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Goldwind prioritises larger rotors over higher ratings to reduce LCoE

Goldwind chief engineer Endi Zhai talks to Eize de Vries about the firm’s new models and technology development advances, and how it plans to adapt to looming cuts to state support in its home market

Goldwind sells US wind farm to fund new product investment

Chinese manufacturer Goldwind this week sold its last major US wind farm. Windpower Monthly looks at the investment strategy behind the sale of its 160MW Rattlesnake project

Insight report: The 40 most promising wind turbine designs that fell short of expectations – 21-30

Part two in our countdown of 40 key innovative wind turbines developed during the past 30 years that ultimately failed to become a success as a commercial serial product

Ming Yang and CTG form global partnership

Chinese turbine manufacturer Ming Yang and developer China Three Gorges (CTG) have signed a framework agreement to work together on global onshore and offshore wind development.

Turbines of the year 2019: Onshore turbines up to 3.4MW

Still a high-volume sector, but one that western OEMs are eschewing in favour of higher-rated machines and the offshore sector, leaving China's turbine makers to dominate.

Turbines of the year 2019: China's OEMs take up the challenge

The sheer size and special requirements of China's domestic market are accelerating wind-energy technology in the country at an increasingly impressive rate, reports Eize de Vries in his presentation of the selection for the best onshore and offshore turbines, drivetrains, rotor blades and innovations for the 2019 Windpower Monthly products of the year awards.