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Goldwind braced for new US tariffs

UNITED STATES: A new tariff of 25% could be slapped on certain wind products imported to the US from China.

Average turbine size reaches 2.4MW - updated

WORLDWIDE: The average turbine capacity installed in 2017 was above 2.4MW for the first time, following a 11.3% increase compared with 2016, new analysis has found.

Battery installed at Goldwind subsidiary campus

CHINA: US storage supplier Primus Power has installed a flow battery system at the campus of Goldwind's micro-grid subsidiary Etechwin.

WindTech: High-speed gearboxes still rule onshore

WORLDWIDE: The decisive switch from geared to direct-drive turbines that was considered inevitable by many just six or seven years ago has not materialised. Eize de Vries describes the latest developments in onshore and offshore drivetrain technology.

Goldwind expands 6MW-plus offering

CHINA: Manufacturer Goldwind has unveiled a platform of 6MW+ offshore wind turbines, with a range of rotor diameters up to 171-metres.

Goldwind unveils new 4MW-plus turbine

CHINA: Goldwind is the latest manufacturer to join the 4MW class with a turbine aimed at medium wind speeds.

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