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Ten of the biggest offshore turbines

WORLDWIDE: We have focused on turbines in production or for which orders are being taken, omitting the discontinued, the test-bed prototypes for those that never made it, and the designs still on the drawing boards to examine the credentials of ten of the highest-rated capacity turbines on the market today.

Turbine price crash squeezes OEM revenues by 30% in H1

WORLDWIDE: Half-yearly results show the effects of the downward trend in the cost of wind energy. Despite bursting order books, the manufacturers are taking a big hit.

Goldwind revenue up 12%

CHINA: Turbine manufacturer Goldwind saw its revenues increase 12% year-on-year in the first half of 2018, totalling CNY 10.96 billion ($1.6 billion).

Concentrated Power: A look at the latest trends

WORLDWIDE: Windpower Monthly takes an in-depth look at the winners, losers and emerging trends from FTI Intelligence's 2017 supply side analysis report.

Goldwind braced for new US tariffs

UNITED STATES: A new tariff of 25% could be slapped on certain wind products imported to the US from China.

Average turbine size reaches 2.4MW - updated

WORLDWIDE: The average turbine capacity installed in 2017 was above 2.4MW for the first time, following a 11.3% increase compared with 2016, new analysis has found.

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