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Turbines of the Year 2021: Onshore turbines 4.7MW-plus

Low wind pioneer takes top spot with new model, but Chinese OEMs with super-size rotors are making headway

Turbines of the Year 2021: Onshore turbines up to 4.6MW

End of Chinese onshore subsidies creates new 3.5-4MW-plus “large-rotor” segment with focus on cutting levelised cost of energy

Goldwind announces 7.2MW onshore wind turbine

Chinese manufacturer announces three new turbine platforms, with onshore power rating topping 7MW

Turbines of the Year 2020: Onshore turbines up to 4.4MW

The continuing trend for onshore turbines to grow in size and capacity is reflected in the extended threshold for this category, but the top two models somewhat broke the mould

Turbines of the Year 2020: Winners against all odds

The wind-energy industry’s ingenuity and resilience shone through the many challenges of 2020, with new approaches to old ideas

Asian offshore wind market to match Europe within five years

Asian offshore wind capacity will grow sixfold to 52GW by 2025, according to new reasearch. China will continue to dominate, but foreign developers will drive major growth in Taiwan and Vietnam