Global regions

Take a look at current estimates of country-by - country capacity totals produced by Windpower Intelligence, the research and data division of Windpower Monthly.

Subscribers can see how much wind power capacity is estimated to be currently online for almost 60 countries across the globe.In addition, key markets have been given country ratings based on a combination of factors including:

  • Planned projects pipeline
  • Political and policy support
  • Investor confidence
  • Grid infrastructure
  • Permitting process
  • Local supply chain

These ratings are developed in consultation with independent industry experts in each country, as well as Windpower Monthly’s global network of professional journalists.They are not an absolute measure, but a helpful tool to help you gain knowledge about, develop an understanding of and benchmark wind power across different markets.

Here is an example of the data you can access with a subscription:

Country 1st Feb 2020 total MW 1st Jan 2020 total MW Additions Jan - Feb % change Current Rating
US 108,759 108,462 297 0 4.1/5
Denmark 6,211 6,211 0 0 3.1/5
Jordan 253 253 0 0 3.5/5

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