Shining a spotlight on the countries, companies and technologies driving exceptional wind power performance in their markets.

Innovation is the key to progress in wind energy. The industry’s track record in this regard is excellent — today’s turbines are generating clean electricity in volumes and at a cost that were inconceivable only 20 years ago. But there is still huge scope for improvement as the sector’s brightest thinkers can testify.

Our goal is to unearth and give voice to the people, ideas and technologies that will drive wind’s role in the power switch from fossil fuels to sustainable sources; to provide the platform that will accelerate learning and idea exchange throughout the global industry.

From September to November, as we build-up to Wind Energy Hamburg, Windpower Monthly will host three virtual roundtables under the Global Gamechangers banner. They will all feature leading wind power executives and engineers to prompt debate and discussion on how to overcome the key technological, operational and environmental challenges the industry faces.

Virtual Roundtable Series

September 2020

Europe's OEMs. How do they weather this storm?

How are Europe’s leading wind OEMs placed to continue to drive technological innovation in wind energy? Do they have the resources and market opportunities to make the necessary R&D steps? 

Join the discussion and hear from industry leaders.

October 2020

O&M - beyond the human touch

Reducing the human element from operations and maintenance work was a focus for the wind industry even before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. We explore how developers and operators are exploiting innovative and alternative technologies to reduce personnel risk going forward.

Get involved with the panel and hear where the opportunities are.

November 2020

Walking the walk on sustainability

How wind power manufacturers and suppliers are ensuring the environmental sustainability of their production and distribution processes.

Be a part of the conversation and join experts in the webinar.

How it works

  • Each virtual-roundtable includes representatives from up to 6 organisations including moderator
  • Virtual-roundtable chair: A WPM editor
  • Duration: 1hr - 1hr 30mins per roundtable
  • Windpower Monthly promotes the event across our digital channels, delivering a large, global audience for each discussion
  • Windpower Monthly broadcasts the event live to the registered audience with audience Q&A throughout
  • An on demand catch up service means registrants can watch and share the discussion afterwards
  • Here is an example of a virtual roundtable hosted recently by our sister brand, Third Sector

Sponsorship options

Upon request

Contact George Johnstone and Vangie King to discuss further opportunities