Windpower Monthly rating 3/5

Our rating is based on a combination of project pipeline, political and policy support, investor confidence and structural readiness of the country in terms of grid infrastructure, permitting process and local supply chain.

Forecast of installed and operating wind power capacity based on the latest statisitics and measured against the Windpower Intelligence database.

Onshore wind plays the dominant role in terms of generation of electricity from renewable sources in Germany. Over the years, however, political support for renewables diminished to a certain degree.

The current German Renewable Energy Act (EEG 2017) introduced the shift from feed-in tariffs to an auction model for onshore wind installations. There have been some teething problems with the auction system, which initially favoured small citizens projects despite lacking planning permits.

New coalition government is expected to raise the 2019-20 allocation for onshore wind installations from 5.7GW to 9.7GW, although an official announcement is yet to be made. 

The rate of new installations is strong, despite the shift from feed-in tariffs to an auction model for onshore wind installations prompting price reductions and lower margins for investors. Initial problems with the auction system are being addressed but it has caused a significant slow down in project permitting. 

Overall, Germany has a good and well developed grid infrastructure. Still, improvements in particular in the transmission grid infrastructure are necessary — particularly to clear the north-south bottleneck in central Germany — and respective legislation to facilitate an accelerated upgrading has been passed.

The lack of grid capacity in some areas may occasionally impair the continuous off-taking of the electricity generated. Overall, there are no serious limitations in obtaining grid connection for onshore greenfield projects.

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Hamburg gears up for wind power's main event

Hamburg gears up for wind power's main event

GERMANY: All eyes in the wind power business are turning towards Hamburg as preparation conclude for the 2018 exhibition and conference. We take a look at the topics up for discussion on each day, from auction design and repowering to digitalisation and hybrid projects.

Red moon, red planet

Red moon, red planet

GERMANY: A rare lunar eclipse at the end of July resulted in a so-called blood moon, and came with a close visit from Mars. Turbine manufacturer Nordex chose Hamburg's port to capture the moment

Enercon's EP3 vision takes shape

Enercon's EP3 vision takes shape

GERMANY: As the first prototype of Enercon's new EP3 platform starts operating in northern Germany, Eize de Vries visits the company's R&D centre in Aurich to learn more about its radically different design approach, and the firm's plans for its latest acquisition, Lagerwey.

Nordex spread its wings with N149 prototype

Nordex spread its wings with N149 prototype

GERMANY: Nordex is leading the way on large onshore turbines with super-sized rotor diameters, following the installation in late August of the first of two N149/4.5MW prototypes. Eize de Vries watched the installation and finds out the manufacturer's plans for the Delta4000 platform.

Safe havens for protected birds?

Safe havens for protected birds?

GERMANY: The discovery of protected species on a potential or operating site is enough to make the hearts of developers and operators sink, but thanks to better understanding and monitoring of wildlife behaviour, there are measures to help wind projects and nature co-exist.

Latest Germany News

GE launches 5.3MW onshore turbine

HAMBURG 2018: GE Renewable Energy has launched a new 5.3MW onshore turbine model with a 158-metre rotor.

DNV GL launches floating wind guidelines

GERMANY: Certification body DNV GL has published revised standards for the design of floating wind turbines and their structures.

Baltic Eagle survey begins

GERMANY: Fugro has started investigating the site of Iberdrola's 476MW Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm off the island of RĂ¼gen.

Second joint German wind-solar tender launched

GERMANY: The Federal Network Agency (BNA) has launched its second joint tender for 200MW of wind power and solar PV.

PPAs give old projects new lease of life - updated

GERMANY: The anticipated wave of power purchase agreements (PPA) for electricity generated by wind farms that are leaving Germany's 20-year support system is now under way.

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