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News & in-depth analysis of GE Energy's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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GE targets North America with new 3MW turbine

US market leader unveils new turbine for home market with flexible power rating up to 3.4MW and two-piece blades

GE launches software to boost turbine performance

Tech giant announces new digital tools to give operators more information about their wind farms and solar parks

UK researchers plot path forward on blade recycling

Research partners identify how the UK can catch up other European countries in blade recycling capabilities

Permitting hurdles throttle another onshore wind tender

France awards 73% of auctioned capacity as permitting problems continue to deter developers from submitting bids

Van Oord and Kajima in line for 1.7GW in Japan

The joint venture is set to supply equipment for three offshore wind projects, including what will be Japan's largest wind farm

WindEurope: 'Slow EU wind growth squeezes supply chain'

WindEurope calls for permitting, grid and auction improvements as new installations fall below levels needed