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CSSC Haizhuang eyes 18MW offshore wind turbine

Chinese industrial manufacturing giant CSSC Haizhuang is developing an 18MW offshore wind turbine with a 260-metre rotor diameter – possibly the largest rotor unveiled by a turbine maker to date.

Vestas expands blade supply partnership with TPI Composites

Vestas has signed a multi-year framework agreement with long-term blade partner TPI Composites (TPI) to strengthen its scalable global supply chain network for current and future wind turbine blades.

Vestas to source V172 blades from GE’s LM Wind Power

Vestas has extended its partnership with GE-owned LM Wind Power to cover the design and manufacturing of blades for its V172-7.2MW wind turbine.

Nordex boosts 6MW onshore wind turbine rotor to 175 metres

Nordex has launched a new onshore wind turbine model with power ratings in the 6.XMW range and a rotor diameter of 175 metres.

Winergy insights: ‘Giants of the sea, the next ten years’

Winergy shares its experience and insights on the future of geared and direct drive wind turbine drive system pathways exclusively with Windpower Monthly’s Eize de Vries.