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News & in-depth analysis of GE Energy's wind energy business, contracts and deals.

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China trade deal no help for rising US wind costs

The recent US-China trade deal does not appear to alleviate the harsh tariffs on Chinese imports that have affected the US wind industry.

Vestas targets carbon neutrality by 2030

Vestas plans to become carbon neutral before 2030 without the use of offsetting.

Turbines of the year 2019: Rotor blades

Ever longer and generally lighter units mark the top contenders in a hotly contested class.

Industry adds voice to UN climate summit

Some of the wind industry's largest players have added their voices to the growing swell backing measures to tackle climate change at the United Nation's Climate Action Summit.

Giant Romanian project up for sale

The owner of one of Europe's largest operational onshore wind farms has listed a 600MW project for sale as it follows through on a new business strategy.

Worker injured after GE turbine collapse

A GE turbine collapsed at a wind farm in north-east Brazil, injuring a worker and sparking a probe into the fifth such incident this year, the manufacturer confirmed.