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Nordex launches new 155-metre rotor diameter turbine

Nordex has unveiled a new turbine with a rotor diameter above 150 metres, targeting sites "without strict noise requirements".

The future of gearboxes: What happens next?

PARTNER CONTENT: The future of gearboxes is central to the future of wind, but can we sustain the pace of development? Are experts ahead of technology? And what challenges may lie ahead?

US grid starved of investment

Houston will host this year's American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) conference and exhibition (20-23 May), an appropriate choice given the size and health of the Texan wind energy market.

UAE's Masdar acquires first US project stakes

Masdar has acquired shares in two onshore wind projects in the US from John Laing Group.

The 7 best performing wind markets in 2018

We take a look at which markets performed the best in 2018 by how much the installed capacity grew over the 12 months.

Turbines of the year 2018: OEMs look to escape the tender trap

Wind power's manufacturers have felt the squeeze on revenues and profits over the past 12 months as a growing number of global markets adopt cost-conscious auction schemes for new capacity. Technology editor Eize de Vries picks out the best turbines, rotor blades, drivetrains and innovations for the 2018 Windpower Monthly awards.

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