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SGRE launches seven-day storage system

Old power stations could be given a second life by using excess wind power to heat volcanic rocks. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) is trialling the technology in Germany.

Enel and SGRE light up Russia's wind potential

Enel's aggressive bidding secures more capacity in Russia and supports Siemens Gamesa's localisation plans.

The innovations that are changing the face of the O&M market

As turbines grow taller and blades get longer, keeping them in working order throws up new challenges. We look at the trends in the service sector and pick out some innovative new solutions.

Vestas leads Goldwind in 2018 onshore installations

Vestas extended its market share of onshore wind turbines commissioned last year, while the world's total new onshore capacity declined 3%.

Most turbine models fail to make a profit

Turbine manufacturers are "still not as profitable as they need to be to survive" as the cost of developing new turbines is not being recovered by sales, a new report has warned.

Nike deal kickstarts Spanish project

Spanish utility and global wind power operator, Iberdrola, has sealed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with sportswear giant Nike, for the power from the 111MW Cavar wind site, in Navarra, northern Spain.

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