Tuesday 20 October - Forum Day One

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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Ranjit Mene, Head Of Offshore UK Sales, Senvion  



Building Wind Farms Further Offshore: Recognising The Challenges And How To Overcome Them With Cost-Effective Strategies 

  • Applying lessons learnt from near shore projects 
  • Determining the wind farm life extension potential 
  • An integrated approach to planning involving the operational, planning and installations teams
  • Driving costs down through financial assessment of a site’s operational potential
  • How to increase yield during summer maintenance activities

Julian Brown, Director, Aarufield 



The “Offshore Maintenance JIP”: Impact Of Improved Accessibility Model Vessel Selection, Optimal O&M Planning And Availability Estimation

  • Improved accessibility model: introducing the human fatigue and vessel hydrodynamics

  • Effect of the improved accessibility model in terms of availability and costs

  • Optimal access vessel selection based on the wind farm location

Masoud Asgarpour  , Project Manager - Offshore Maintenance Joint Industry Project,  ECN


Optimising Development Phase Activities To Successfully Drive Costs Down In The Construction and Operational Phases

  • Close to shore vs far from shore: searching for optimum logistics solutions

  • Step-by-step guideline: development and execution of the transport, installation and commissioning phases 

  • Adjusting the offshore logistics concept to further offshore wind farms and adapting it to the changing requirements of stakeholders

Bernard Casey Head Of Offshore Engineering, Mainstream Renewable Power   


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Taking The Next Steps To Install Wind Turbines Offshore In Higher Wind Speeds 

  • Lifting operations - The weakest link in offshore wind

  • The Boom Lock system - From concept to reality

  • Case study from Kentish Flats Extension 
  • Answering the need for non-turbine specific lifting tools and tagline systems

Johan Heiler, General Manager, High Wind 


A Designer’s Perspective: Vessel Selection For Further Offshore Wind Farms

  • Challenges for vessels operating further offshore 
  • Key selection criteria for developers moving further offshore
  • Potential vessels concepts 

  • Fit for purpose - how to choose the right tools for the job

Trygve Halvorsen Espeland , Naval Architect And Co-Founder, ESNA

 Nere Skomedal, Naval Architect And Co-Founder, ESNA 


Networking Lunch 


Helicopter Transport: The Potential Role Of Helicopters In The Continued Build-Out Of Further Offshore Wind Farm Projects

  • Developing a strategic thinking to help creating your own access mix strategies 

  • Interface with Oil & Gas 

  • Development of offshore aviation guidance

  • European dimension

  • Creating a consistent and coherent approach across the industry to engage with the helicopter operators

Matthew Clear , Senior Development Manager – Strategic Workstream, The Crown Estate


From Accessibility To Availability: How To Optimise Transfer Time, Bring Down Costs And Limit Turbine Downtime

  • Analysing the key factors and challenges that affect access and availability when further offshore

  • Transfer time: pros and cons of 24 hour staggered shifts 

  • Turbine availability: potential of using only one team for troubleshooting and planned maintenance

Dr Marcel Wiggert, Group Manager, Fraunhofer IWES


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Resolving The Issue Of Safe Access In More Demanding Weather Conditions

  • Examining the link between sea state, access system capability and field economics 
  • What are the key elements of safe access systems?
  • What can we learn from other industries about the access challenges? 
  • Safe handling of cargo in more extreme conditions 

Philip Strong  , CEO,  Reflex Marine


The Weather And Helicopter Transports To Far From Shore Wind Farms

  • Weather uptime for helicopter traffic vs. transits by CTV
  • Advantages and challenges of helicopter transports with respect to weather
  • Weather forecasting experience from the Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industries
Maria Pedrosa, Head Of Aviation Services, StormGeo 

Chair’s Closing Remarks


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